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The Book
Mandy Wiener had this to say about the project: ‘Ministry of Crime intends to examine how organised crime, gangsters and powerful political figures have been able to capture the law enforcement authorities and agencies. These organisations have been effectively eviscerated, hollowed out and left ineffective. They have been infiltrated and compromised and, as a result, prominent underworld figures have been able to flourish in South Africa, setting up elaborate networks of crime with the assistance of many cops. The criminal justice system has been left exposed and it is crucial that the South African public knows about the capture that has occurred on different levels.
In many ways, this book is a follow up to Killing Kebble and what has been going on in the South African underworld and the criminal justice system over the past decade since Brett Kebble was killed and Jackie Selebi was convicted. If Killing Kebble was illuminating, then the shenanigans of the past few years will alarm you. The proximity of organised crime, politics and the police is frightening. I have spent years working at the coal face of crime and policing in the country and feel that the story has to be told in a book to explain the granular detail and complexity of the situation.’
Terry Morris, Managing Director of Pan Macmillan South Africa, said: ‘Killing Kebble became a publishing phenomenon in South Africa with sales of over 80 000 copies.  Mandy managed to weave a thrilling narrative capturing the confluence of politics, the justice system, crime and business in Johannesburg. There is no author and journalist better placed to explore the underworld of organised crime in South Africa further, and we look forward to bringing readers Ministry of Crime in 2018.’
The Author
Mandy Wiener is one of the country’s best known and most credible journalists and authors. She worked as a multi award-winning reporter with Eyewitness News from 2004 to 2014, filing reports for Radio 702, 567 Cape Talk, 94.7 and Kfm radio stations. Mandy specialises in investigative reporting and legal matters, having extensively covered both the corruption trial of former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi and the Brett Kebble murder trial. She has also earned a reputation for her work exposing South Africa’s ‘underworld’, reporting extensively on Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir, Teazers boss Lolly Jackson and other murders.
She has won a number of National and Regional Vodacom Journalist of the Year awards, has been The CNN African Radio Journalist of the Year and has received several commendations in the Webber Wentzel Legal Journalist of the Year awards. In addition, she has received the National Press Club award in the Radio Category and the Social Media category and was awarded the Rising Star – Women in the Media award in 2011.
On the writing front, Mandy was short-listed for the prestigious Alan Paton Sunday Times Literary Awards for her book, Killing Kebble. It was also chosen as Jenny Crwys-Williams’ Book of the Year in 2011. Mandy’s second book, My Second Initiation, written with former head of the National Prosecuting Authority Vusi Pikoli, was also short-listed for the Alan Paton Award and was Crwys-Williams’ non-fiction book of the year in 2013. In 2014, she published Behind the Door: The Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Story with her colleague Barry Bateman. The book was released internationally and contained new, exclusive information about the trial.
With 240 000 followers on Twitter, Mandy has also broken new ground for live tweeting court cases and stories on the social media platform. She is considered to be amongst the country’s most trusted Twitter users. With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rand Afrikaans University (now the University of Johannesburg), Mandy launched her career at RAU Radio before interning at the 702 traffic desk and screening listeners’ calls in the wee small hours. She then became a news reporter at Eyewitness News and has not looked back. She is a freelance journalist and mother to Sam and Ruby.