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RUSSIAN ROULETTE? – What amending the Constitution to allow Expropriation without Compensation Means
In May 1996, when the South African Constitution was agreed in Parliament, Tony Leon was involved in its drafting and played a key role as Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly Theme Committee of Fundamental Rights in resolving Section 25 –the Property Clause. 
Today, 22 years later, the key architect of that historic document, President Cyril Ramaphosa, has announced that the property clause will be amended to explicitly green light expropriation without compensation. 
Tony Leon provides in a topical presentation of the history of this clause and how its amendment will affect everything and everyone –from homes to land to investors, banks, corporates and every citizen. What the likely outcome of the first amendment to our Bill of Rights means for South Africa and its very future is explained in this up-to-the-minute presentation by one of the people present at the creation of our constitutional order. 
*Tony Leon served as Leader of the Official Opposition Democratic Alliance until 2007 and thereafter as South African Ambassador to Argentina. He is a trained constitutional lawyer and was a delegate to the Codesa/ Multi-Party Constitutional Negotiations in Kempton Park (1991 -1993) and thereafter as Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly Theme Committee on Fundamental Rights. He consults widely to business and is author of four books, two of which detail the passage of the current constitution of South Africa.