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JP Landman writes...

Infrastructure – what is happening? - 10 March 2015
Over the years, we have often high-lighted the investment South Africa is making in infrastructure.  It bears looking at again in 2015, when load-shedding, days without water, and communities up in arms because of weak service delivery leave us gloomy, undermine confidence and retard growth.
Is infrastructure in SA really just a one-way street of decline and eventual collapse?  What, if anything, is being done about these problems?
The recently released Budget Review contains interesting answers.......find out more - book Lewis for your next event by calling us or emailing us your enquiry... 

Lewis Pugh continues to create awareness with his 5 swim expedition...

The 5 swims expedition
Pioneer Swimmer Lewis Pugh is taking to the ice again, to do five swims further south than any human has swum before.
During the month of February 2015, the United Nations Patron of the Oceans will undertake five record-breaking swims in freezing Antarctic waters to help save the Ross Sea from irreversible damage.
The five swims will form the most challenging and dangerous swimming effort ever undertaken by man. With no insulation other than a Speedo swimming costume, Lewis will break the world record for the most southerly swim in three of his five swims. As well as the obvious dangers of subjecting his body to the stresses of sub-zero water, Lewis will be swimming in seas patrolled by killer whales and leopard seals.
Why these five swims, and why now?......find out more - book Lewis for your next event by calling us or emailing us your enquiry...