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Guestspeaker- Neil Jacobsohn
Neil Jacobsohn
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Johannesburg South Africa
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Businessman,Futurist,Professional Speaker
Guest Speaker Neil Jacobsohn - Senior Partner of FutureWorld International, journalist, entrepreneur, marketer and innovator.
Neil is a life-long communicator with a passion for the future. He has been an award-winning journalist, a digital entrepreneur, a company director and professional marketer. In a career spanning 40 years, Neil has:
Reported news from around the world for a wide range of newspapers and magazines
Edited newspapers
Managed operations for a broad-based media group
Been Group Marketing Director for a listed media company
Run a US$40-million AIDS campaign for a national government; and
Launched more than 14 businesses. 
Unusually, he combined entrepreneurship with corporate success. He has served as chairman, executive and non-executive director on a number of listed and unlisted company Boards. 
A former Managing Editor of Business Day, Chairman and CEO of Johnnic Digital and Group Marketing Director of Johnnic Communications, Neil is a founding member of the FutureWorld Network. He’s an energetic and entertaining speaker, strategist and facilitator, who presents extensively on FutureWorld topics for corporate clients and learning institutions around the world, among them the London Business School, Oxford’s SAÏD Business School and Duke Corporate Education.
Guest Speaker Neil Jacobsohn - Senior Partner of FutureWorld International, journalist, entrepreneur, marketer and innovator.
Neil is a life-long communicator with a passion for the future. He has been an award-winning journalist, a digital entrepreneur, a company director and professional marketer. In a career spanning 40 years, Neil has:
Reported news from around the world f
PRESENTATIONS by Neil Jacobson

The challenge of an open and transparent marketplace.
In the new age of openness and transparency, everyone - and increasingly, everything - is connected and active. There really is no place to hide!
Digital technologies create profound impacts on leadership and management of organisations, and on the modern leader - they splinter and diffuse old paradigms - yet link the world into a single and chaotic global network. Blogs, wikis, crowdsourcing, augmented reality, social networks...the entire nature of communication in and with the marketplace is changing.
In their wake, these technologies create massive new market opportunities and make it possible to lead from anywhere in the network. For leaders, it's about much more than technology.
Charles Handy said it brilliantly: "Leaders cannot afford to walk backwards into the future, with eyes firmly fixed on past achievements - we have to turn around and face the future."
Naked Leadership is about grasping the forces shaping this digital marketspace, and building a fresh mind-set that enables you to shed established, but redundant, leadership habits and be ready to face the future as a naked leader, with any old paradigms stripped away.
FutureWorld's new theme, Naked Leadership, provides hard-hitting, practical insight into the realities of leadership in the uber-networked world, and offers a foundation to workshop a specific road-map for your business to thrive in the bewildering blur of life and business at warp speed! FutureWorld would also be able to facilitate such a workshop immediately following the keynote presentation.

The future's so bright, you've got to wear shades! 
This may seem a strange thought in these turbulent times: Are you sure you want the world to be more predictable?
We believe that uncertainty is that moment of perfect (business) freedom. The cycle will turn positive – and Black Swans wait for no one.
You must be ready for the upturn and its radical new opportunities, before your future competitors are. 
Now is the perfect time to think and act radically, and to build new optimism into the executive & management team. To think about the new paradigms the future will demand and what it will take to succeed in 'the real world' future.
The basic choice facing the executive team is this: 
Will you manage your way out of 'The Current Mess' or choose to lead the way up the next wave?
"We're not going to tell you where this is going to end – we're going to tell you where your future is going to begin!"

South Africa’s Fuzzy Future in the world of BRICS and beyond 
The successes of the BRICS nations in responding to dynamic world markets have many lessons for First World nations. Can the BRICS continue to grow at such a furious pace, and how will their leaders handle their new power on the international stage? And where does South Africa play in this club of emerging giants? The future of South Africa is inextricably tied to the future of Africa, of which it remains the largest economy, and their links to the rest of the world.
Former leader of the opposition and Ambassador to Argentina, Tony Leon provides tales from the front line of politics and the intrigue of international diplomacy. With acute observations on how government works on the inside, and what needs to be fixed to place South Africa on the winning path to a sustainable and shared future, Tony debates whether his country is on the right track, and how to get off the wrong ones - and quite how getting it right matters to the world of BRICS and beyond.
The future is uncertain, and remains a matter of choice, not chance, for South Africa and its leaders as much as anyone else. Beyond the BRICS explores several scenarios for the future, and the impact they have on our choices today.

Quantum Growth: Out of the box, straight to the bottom line The key challenge for any successful organisation today is to sustainably achieve high growth in an environment where the rate of change is ever increasing, and competition is relentless (often from new and unexpected sources). The capital markets reward those who succeed handsomely, but punish those who fail to meet market expectations mercilessly – and the more successful your organisation is, the higher the market’s expectations. The only edge your organisation can have is agility. Carefully considered strategies no longer guarantee success and are often outdated as soon as implementation starts. Every recent survey into what keeps CEOs awake at night reflects the need to innovate and to sustain growth as the key challenge: "What made us successful in the past will not hold true for the future" – FTSE 100 CEO, UK. Can a large, complex, multinational organisation achieve sustainable quantum growth through a distinct innovation intervention? Absolutely! This theme covers the practical criteria that differentiate successful corporate step-change programs. Learn from the collective experience of winning organizations that succeeded, and from the practitioners who helped them drive this success. The Future of the Corporation

Great people are no longer enough - bring joy to the soul of your business Great people will no longer be enough to differentiate your business in future. In fragmented, distributed, choatic and ubiquitously interconnected markets, it’s their ability to take relationships up a quantum level that will create massive new value. The spirit of business is the sum of all interconnections between your staff, business partners and customers. It’s a dynamic network that encompasses the communities in which you do business as much as the physical environment in which you operate. It’s the ‘business ether’ created by a multiplicity of dynamic relationships, constantly changing and demanding. It’s about the sweating the serious stuff, and about releasing the unbridled energy of fun in the business network. Everyone has to ‘want’ to be a part of the spirit of your business – we used to call this being ‘the employer of choice’, ‘the supplier of choice’ or whatever. In an impossibly interconnected world the stakes and the potential synergies have increased massively. The Future Spirit of Business explores what you can do today to get ahead of the game.

Fragmented, distributed and interconnected. For more than a hundred years, the corporation has been the primary structure for wealth-creation and wealth-distribution. The corporation was born of the Industrial Economy and modeled on the efficiencies of the machine. It’s hierarchical structure has been shaped and changed by the demands of shareholders and stakeholders to be more responsive to the environment in which it exists. Today we live in unprecedented volatility and chaos. Most centrally-controlled structures are threatened by fast and nimble networked alternatives. Power is moving from governments and corporations to individuals in their roles as investors, employees and partners. Markets, consumers and individuals are interconnected like never before. Information and knowledge has become a commodity. What creates value in a fractal and interconnected world? What is the future shape of the corporation? What are the business imperatives today? This presentation and workshop is based on the upcoming book of the same title by Wolfgang Grulke, to be published in 2005/6.
PRESENTATIONS by Neil Jacobson

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