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Annie Coetzee
Annie Coetzee
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Pretoria South Africa
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Afrikaans, English
Businesswoman,Change,Communication,Facilitator,Health and wellness,Image consultant,Inspiration,Leadership,MC,motivation,Professional Speaker,Womens Interest
Annie’s passion to tell the truth about the heart-and-mind-and body connection, has created a platform for her where Inspirational Speaking gets new meaning.

From Teacher in Music and English, to Lecturer in Psychology, to Human Researcher at UNISA, Annie has started her Speaking and Training Career 18 years ago in the public and corporate world. With a ‘bring it on’ approach she engages and ignites audiences and small group Sessions with amazing results. She has a unique way of presenting Human Empowerment subjects in a high-energy, fun-filled, yet thought provoking way. Annie is a brilliant MC during Award Functions and Conferences and blends this ability with creative story-telling and stage presence.
By way of real life stories and case studies, she inspires audiences across the country to create a whole new life, by getting connected to what’s INSIDE of them – to discover their dreams and explore the wisdom of the heart. Her message, to connect the heart with the BRAIN and body, in practical ways, is more than uplifting – it is activating listeners to design a new life – with more than just a brilliant brain.
In October 2013, Annie was presented with The 2013 BEYONDER Award from The Creativity Foundation of South Africa – for her exceptional contributions in promoting BEYONDER Creativity throughout the world. This award was presented to her by Kobus Neethling, the President of the South African Creativity Foundation. 
She has more than 14 years experience in the public and corporate arena in the field of Human Development, which included high level Motivational ‘Power Hours’ in many boardrooms in the country.  As an Award-Winning Speaker (Toastmasters International) and Keynoter with strong emphasis on Wellness, Creativity and Emotional Energy, Annie has become a huge favourite during National and International Conferences, focused on the Empowerment of women. 
Annie Coetzee is an internationally recognized Motivational Speaker on Human Empowerment.

Being a Creativity Consultant and Life Coach has enabled her to develop her own style of hosting a Conference – whether this be a One-Day event, One-Evening Event, or a Four-Day Conference.
Acting as Master of Ceremonies requires more than knowing the Program.
Annie has learned to flow with the program and the speakers and create an atmosphere that is pleasant as well as prompt.
Many participants of National and International Conferences believe that Annie has perfected the ‘ART of story-telling’ by the way she introduces Speakers, and that, within the limited 60 seconds before the Speaker appears on stage. Annie’s outstanding performances as a Master of Ceremonies have created an International Platform for her and since July 2007 she has been a regular MC for Conferences nationwide and also abroad. 
Annie’s passion to tell the truth about the heart-and-mind-and body connection, has created a platform for her where Inspirational Speaking gets new meaning.

From Teacher in Music and English, to Lecturer in Psychology, to Human Researcher at UNISA, Annie has started her Speaking and Training Career 18 years ago in the public and corporate world. With a ‘bring it on’ approach she engages and ignites audiences and small group Sessions with amazi

Specialized Topics
Subjects are related to Change Management, Creativity; Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programing.  
Other acclaimed topics are:
High PERFORMANCE Coaching, Wellness and Longevity, Visualization, Mapping your Future and her most prestigious Sessions on Women in Leadership.

Most Popular Topics 
Are you a Powerhouse? **Latest topic**
You, Your LIFE and your HEART!
Who put you in a Box?
Understanding Thinking Power
Manage your MOOD for better health.
It’s NOT just all in your Mind!
What have WORDS got to do with your health and success?
Your BODY: A Wonderful Walking Machine that has a voice!
Managing STRESS in a whole new way.
How FEELINGS can empower you.
Dancing on your Problems.
So you think you are OK – What is your body telling the world.

Are you a Powerhouse?
This presentation goes beyond the mechanics of self-empowerment and explores deeper issues and honest ways of creatively managing your mental, emotional and physical powers to make things happen.
Living in a competitive and often fierce world of competition and negativity, it has become vital to become more aware of all our inner powers: From the thoughts we think, the words we speak, the visions we see, the feelings we feel, to the messages our bodies are trying to tell us! Combine that with the gentle, wise wisdom of your HEART, and you can be a Powerhouse in your environment where health and happiness are part of your un-ending success. True self-empowerment begins in the heart. It is a scientific fact.
I believe that if we apply our emotional and spiritual energy well, we can create miracles in our own lives, and also help others to create miraculous changes in their lives. This presentation is backed up by accurate scientific studies and empowers the workforce with verified information. ‘The Secret’ tells us we can have it all if we believe we can. 
The Secret does not tell us that we need our HEART in perfect harmony with our brain to live a successful and healthy life. I believe in delightful audience interaction and challenging engagement, and these are included in the Presentation.

Who put you in a ‘box!?’'
This presentation is all about 'getting out of boxes' and/or ‘jumping out of opinions’ that is not true to who you really are. Many people do this to themselves, or quietly allow others to define them.
It is often been referred to as ‘labelling’ and the impact of this has been devastating. We are all receptive to what others think and say about us. We need to understand the concept and where it comes from. We also need to know how subtle this is and how many people have accepted limitations, due to the power of 'labelling.’
I also talk about the influence of the media on our life and how we are meant to ‘look’ at ‘listen’ to what ‘the experts’ say. It's a high energy, interactive and learning-filled presentation and consists of practical ideas to CONQUER the 'normality' around us and live a victorious life. The devastating truth about ‘living in boxes’ will be demonstrated with a real-life case study to inspire listeners and challenge them to think: “WHO could possibly have put me (and WHEN) ‘into a box!? And HOW can I get out of ‘the box’ and live a conquering life?”

The POWER of Passion!
With this presentation I start with a scientific study on HOW the very first discovery was made, about natural endorphins (happy chemicals) in our bodies. During my presentation I take the listeners to the Positive Psychology Movement and the amazing work they did since 1998. Positive Psychology is a sound and scientific way to understand the human mind and how the mind can help or hurt the body. My main purpose is to help listeners understand that we all have a ‘pharmacy’ between our ears – and it’s time to be our own pharmacist when it comes to what happens to you in your life.
It is an inspiring presentation and I relate it all back to people in the working world TODAY and how they can use their own natural 'getting high on LIFE' chemicals to be happier, healthier and more successful. I conclude with practical suggestions and also some surprising 'dancing' activity! I emphasize ‘natural ENERGY’ in the workplace and how positive and contagious it is to get results!

HEART- Power in the working world!
Employees are often told to leave their feelings at home and be more ‘professional.’ This presentation opens a new perspective to the listener, and motivates them to bring intelligent feelings into the work environment.
Interesting facts and information about the heart (and emotions) are presented in a delightful way.
Not only will listeners understand more about the physical heart, they will also learn about the spiritual heart and be inspired to bring more ‘HEART’ into the working space for numerous good reasons!
I illustrate the difference between BRAIN power and HEART power in our life (and work) so that participants can discover the value of unlocking true heart power in the working space. The presentation enlightens participants to VALUE what is happening in their hearts! And as with most of my Key Notes, I always conclude with ‘some kind’ of a victory dance – celebrating the heart! It’s a learning-filled presentation and some audience activities are part of the complete presentation.

It’s NOT just all in your Mind!
After many years of researching powerful transformation in the lives of people, I have created this presentation to ‘shock’ participants with truths about human fulfilment and full-blast living. This presentation highlights the IMPACT thinking, speaking and feeling have on your life. I use short real-life stories to demonstrate the content and inspire them with facts and research. It is a highly inspirational Key Note and motivates participants to be more aware of how they accept, flow and move with what is happening around them. Positive thinking and positive speaking is NOT the full answer to a happy and fulfilling life. One needs to be aware of ALL aspects of being a human being: with strong emphasis on emotional and spiritual wellness.
I present this subject with the necessary humour and dramatization to lift the spirit and make the research more vivid.
In a nutshell, the presentation highlights the fact that many people have become victims (and even products) of the past. The miracle is to invite all other aspects of being HUMAN to set your life on a new path!
I am confident to talk about the true meaning of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and why it doesn’t or didn’t work for many in the past.
Miracles happen, however – we all need to understand the power of attraction and how it works.

The POWER of words
Most people forget that every word we speak has an influence on our life. The presentation is humorous due to a number of examples in real life – which speak to the mind and heart – without making the listener feel bad! It is inspirational and entertaining, yet with a strong message!
This presentation is ideal for a one hour ‘smaller’ group of women, as I apply role-play activities and lively group participation. I am taking the listeners on a journey through an ordinary day – and many of them may discover how they actually speak to themselves and others. My aim is to get the listener to change his/her words and start on a new journey where they will be super-aware of how they speak, what they say, and how to accept or reject what they hear from other people/sources. Words create. My main aim is to empower wisdom to the participants about the Power of Words.

The POWER of a Creative Life
As a Life Coach I have seen many people not living the life they are meant to live, due to ignorance and a lack of knowledge. This Key Note inspires, because it tells the listener how wonderfully he/she has been made and how the creative spirit is part of everyone of us.
It defines creativity in a new way, focusing on LIFE and how we can use our creative minds, emotions and physical energy to pave our way, as we journey onwards into the future.
It takes the listener through a short journey of discovering his own creative powers and is presented with delightful audience activities and participation challenges. My main goal is to inform and inspire the listener with new expectations about life and how he/she can ignite the creative spirit within for a more prosperous and healthy life.

STRESS – Today we can BEAT it!
Most people today have accepted stress as part of everyday life. They think they cope and they think they are productive. However – with this Key Note, they will be entertained with some relevant research on what stress actually is, and how it affects our work and play.
Fun ways to deal with stress makes this presentation absolutely different and delightful, as it prepares the audience for the rest of the event, and creates a pleasant vibe in order for them to learn more effectively onwards.
The presentation includes practical exercises, as well as delightful inter-active group discussions. Please consider a minimum time-slot of 60 minutes for this presentation – even if the ‘energizers’ can be done during the event.
The actual presentation can be delivered in 50 minutes.
(Personally I don’t recommend this subject as a Key Note)

Your BODY: Who and what it needs
With just too many magazines and a myriad of articles and suggestions on a healthy, fit and fabulous body, most people have become confused and discouraged. We read about ‘astonishing breakthroughs in health’ just to find an OLD magazine of the eighties, telling the same thing years ago, but just with different pictures.
And then, when we browse through the bookshelves of our parents and grand- parents, we notice that many of these ‘new’ discoveries have been written about ages and ages ago.
So, what is the truth? Is there a simple way to health and fitness and a more energetic body? Yes there is. We have all become too brain-driven and too stressed-out to have the perfect body – and never noticed that much of what the body needs is hidden inside us: pure body wisdom and intuition. Body wisdom and powerful intuition is a very individual ‘thing’. People need to be made aware of how the body talks and how each one of us, needs to understand the language of our body.
It’s inspirational. It’s positive. It’s Fun and it’s loaded with practical and creative suggestions to keep your body healthy and fit until the end of your journey on earth.

Emotional Mastery @ Work
Feelings can empower every employee, once they understand the wisdom of feelings. This presentation takes the listener to the early nineties when a group of scientists, psychologists and counselors got together to study feelings. It’s a powerful presentation for a group who is willing to explore the delight and wisdom of intelligent feelings, and how to develop more intelligent feelings to enhance creativity in the workplace.
The magic in this presentation is to see how participants suddenly ‘wake up’ to the truth of what they might have experienced, but never utilized.
In my conclusion, I use a practical step-by-step illustration to help participants use the model and with that enhance their own way of managing feelings with wisdom and creativity.
Audience interaction is also part of this presentation and I use a number of songs to ‘get them in the mood’ to participate with more interest and delight!

Specialized Topics
Subjects are

Laptop.  Ideally she would prefer to use the clients laptop but if this is not possible then she can bring her own.
Data projector.
Good sound system.
Microphone - Annie would ideally prefer a headset type microphone but if one is not available then a hand hand held microphone will suffice.

Laptop.  Ideally she would prefer to use the clients laptop but if this is not possible then sh
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