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Daniel Silke
Daniel Silke
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Cape Town South Africa
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Businessman,Political Analyst,Professional Speaker,Trend analyst
Daniel Silke is recognized as one of South Africa’ s leading Political  Economy Analysts, Futurists and most passionate keynote speakers. As Director of the Political Futures Consultancy & faculty consultant for Duke Corporate Education, Silke serves a host of major blue-chip companies with outstanding keynotes and workshops aimed at the convention, conference and events industries. He has over 15 years experience in delivering stimulating, entertaining and insightful presentations on South African, African and Global political and economic trends. His client list includes Marriott International, Oracle, CISCO, PwC, MTN, KPMG, FirstRand, Grant Thornton, Deloittes, Distell, Momentum, Sanlam, Estee Lauder, FNB, SunGard, Barclays and ABSA. Silke is the author of the book Tracking the Future: Top trends that will shape South Africa and the World and regularly appears on and contributes to CNBC Africa, ENCA, SABC, ANN7, Bloomberg, AFP, Fin24, News24, Deutsche Welle, the BBC, 702, Classic FM and Business Day. In 2014, Silke spoke at the prestigious World Affairs Council in Washington DC on African issues

Daniel is proud to have joined the ranks of Helen Zille, Bobby Godsell and President Jacob Zuma by being identified by PR agency Burson-Marsteller as one of the country's most influential political tweeters.

He has a specialist interest in political parties and elections and is a renowned Futurist lecturing widely on issues surrounding globalization and the future of the world. Daniel often appears in print in a number of important publications - both in South Africa and abroad, such as Radio Nederlands International, Holland: On the Secrecy Bill. The African Review, Kenya: On Julius Malema. South African Mining Weekly: On the future of commodities and the BRICS. The Citizen: On Julius Malema. The Financial Mail: Book review of 'Tracking the Future". Daniel has also written for the Australian Quarterly published by the Australian Institute of Policy& Science in Sydney. He has been the foreign correspondent for the Juluka magazine based in Los Angeles, California for over 10 years. Mr Silke has co-authored academic chapters in publications on South African politics and is often published in major newspapers and online.

Daniel's press comments are regularly quoted in publications as far afield as Dubai, Jamaica and Pakistan. He is a regular guest commentator on both e-tv and the SABC and is often heard on Radio France International, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and many other leading broadcasting networks.
Daniel Silke is recognized as one of South Africa’ s leading Political  Economy Analysts, Futurists and most passionate keynote speakers. As Director of the Political Futures Consultancy & faculty consultant for Duke Corporate Education, Silke serves a host of major blue-chip companies with outstanding keynotes and workshops aimed at the convention, conference and events industries. He has over 15 years experience in delivering stimulating, entertaining and insightful presentation

"Global Risk 2017/8: Stability belies Vulnerability".
The keynote is designed for a global audience and covers both political and economic risk factors present in the world today. Given the very international composition of the audience from the USA, Europe and Asia, it is essential that the presentation covers areas of concern to all these regions.
In the presentation, Silke looks at the US economy, the political fortunes of Donald Trump, the risks associated with Brexit as well as issues pertaining to the European and global political economy. 
Silke also looks at the Chinese economy and concerns about that country's projected growth and debt/credit bubble in the short-term. 
In addition, the keynote covers core future risks to the world in the areas of climate and demographic change, cyber-security as well as the rise of artificial intelligence and the threat to labour.
For agents who wish to view the slides of the presentation, please do contact Daniel for a PDF version which can be released after the event. The slides are only for the private viewing of agents and may not be distributed in any way or used in any media other than the cover slide as illustrated.
This presentation is also open for worldwide bookings from next week.
The State of the World 2017/18
March 27, 2017
In this flagship presentation, Daniel Silke delves deep into both the political and economic issues facing the world over the next 18 months. With politics and economics more closely linked than ever before, this presentation is uniquely placed to identify the core drivers and dynamics set to alter the business climate. The Donald Trump presidency, Brexit, the rise of populism in Europe and 'big man' leadership across the world all points towards a new post-cold-war-world dynamic. The role of China and India together with other emerging regional powers adds to global challenges and opportunities. In a world fighting income inequality, voter anger and immense technological change, the economic and political consequences are significant. From GDP growth to currency & trade wars; from geo-political shifts to regional tensions; from populism to globalization, this keynote puts into context the latest developments and 'links the dots' of risk versus opportunity. This keynote is ideal for any event seeking a broad macro-perspective of where the world is right now with the benefit of both political and economic analysis all in one. If you want to understand the changing dynamics of the global order, this is the one presentation for you and your audience.
The State of Africa 2017/18
March 27, 2017
Daniel Silke presents one of the most comprehensive overviews of the current and future state of African economic development. Following a decade of impressive growth, much of Africa is now experiencing headwinds. This is due in part to low commodity prices, a slowdown in China and a failure to diversify existing economies. In addition, whilst many countries have transitioned to competitive democracy, there remains several nations deeply divided and economically vulnerable. However, many countries continue to perform well and are leading a new approach to economic and social development that will provide an impressive consumer base into the future. New social dynamics and trade blocks are also changing and shaping a more promising future for many millions of Africans. In this keynote, Daniel Silke provides a macro-economic and social trend overview of where the continent is now and into the future. This presentation is essential for all businesses exposed to the African market and for those considering an expansion into new territories. It is also one of the few flagship macro-economic overviews of the continent currently available.
South Africa 2017/18 - Uncharted Waters
March 27, 2017
Leadership controversies, economic stagnation and political upheavals together create substantial uncertainty. In this keynote, Daniel Silke combines economic and political trends to put into context the turbulent times in which South Africa operates. Silke is one of the few analysts to provide a comprehensive economic update and link this with political change as well as the prevailing intrigue within the governing ANC. How is the domestic economy performing? What is the expectation for growth and business sentiment? Will the ratings agencies continue to threaten a downgrade? Will stability prevail or are the competing factions and visions for the future a risk to cohesion? Can South Africa's institutions and treasury remain independent? Can the ANC remain united and regenerate itself to stem the momentum towards Opposition? And, what type of leadership can the country expect in the short-to-medium term as the succession race to lead the ANC and the country becomes a battleground. Will it be Cyril Ramaphosa or Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - or someone else? If you are looking to cut through the noise and get context and content on South Africa, this is the one presentation for you.
Tracking the Future - Global Trends 2025 & Beyond
March 27, 2017
Taking a longer view is essential to any business. In this more 'futuristic' keynote, Daniel Silke develops ten core political, economic, social and technological themes that will act as business disruptors into the next decade. This keynote covers the latest research in demographic shifts; levels of inequality and poverty; the impact and influence of both urbanization and technology as well as the dramatic changes to geo-political patterns and global leadership since the advent of the Trump presidency. This keynote also addresses the social and political costs of climate change, an aging planet and workforce as well as the consequences for labor and skills development in a world of 'lean production', artificial intelligence and the '4th Industrial Revolution'. It also covers expectations for Chinese and Indian growth amidst renewed optimism for emerging markets and the African continent. In a highly entertaining yet deeply analytical and empirically rich presentation, this keynote merges the now with the near future offering insights into a changing planet. An exciting option for those seeking a view beyond the immediate but with direct bearing on the business of the 'now' as well. This keynote is essential as a primer for what will come next in the world.
Global Watch 2017: Risk, Challenges & Opportunities
March 27, 2017
Both Trump and Brexit have occurred in an era of sluggish growth for Western nations and mixed fortunes for emerging markets. The unsettled geo-political realm – with a more assertive Russia and rising China comes at a time of greater socio-economic inequality and political polarization. Differing levels of economic growth and expectations create disparities, frustration as well as opportunities. Trade patterns are increasingly volatile as protectionism gains popularity. Technology is shaping and shifting the world towards greater connectivity and greater reliance on artificial intelligence bringing its own set of unique challenges. In this fast-paced, comprehensive and engaging new keynote, Daniel Silke delves deeply into the core political, economic and social issues facing the international community today. Silke’s focus is on the nexus between political forces likely to shape business and the economic conditions. It connects the complex dots between causes and consequences yet it also identifies areas of opportunity for business expansion and profit. For a real, no-nonsense overview of macro conditions, risk and opportunity, this is the one keynote you need.
South Africa, Africa & the World - The Global Context 2017/8
March 27, 2017
Events in the broader African and international environment have substantial impact on South Africa's economic performance. In this comprehensive new keynote, Daniel Silke sets the scene for discussing South Africa’s economy and political performance by first looking at the essential dynamics and disruptors facing the global economy and Sub-Saharan Africa. Low global growth and a rise in political populism in the West have an impact on the world. The fortunes of Brazil, Russia, India and China all weigh on broader developing markets. Slower growth in parts of Africa create greater uncertainty while South Africa faces increasing competition from East African powerhouses like Kenya and Ethiopia. And Donald Trump, Brexit and European volatility will certainly also have a profound impact – particularly on trade-related issues. This keynote discusses South Africa’s domestic political economy and its current performance but also provides a very global overview of the key trends beyond our borders. This is a critical scene-setter for any conference looking for a more macro overview of where the world is at right now followed by a discussion on South Africa.

Keynote Titles, Summaries and their target Audiences.

South Africa 2017: Uncharted Waters    
Combined latest political & economic trends affecting the future course of SA        
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom
South Africa: Consolidation or Unravelling          
Critical analysis of current SA political economy trends     
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom

Global Reality 2017 & Beyond: The World, Africa & South Africa:              
Comprehensive political economy overview of current SA, Africa & World trends/indicators             
Convention, Boardroom

The Succession Saga: The Transition to New Leadership 
Current political trends with a special focus on the succession race for the next President of SA
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom

Tracking the Future: Global Trends 2025 & Beyond
1. Top 10 Trends in the World Now & into the Future (alternative title)            
2. Top Global trends to transform the world.
Combines current international political, economic & social issues with a futurists view of significant change to come.             
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom.
Ideal as opening/closing address or after-dinner talk. May be customised for specific industries – consumer, retail, medical, travel etc.

Global Watch 2017: Risks, Challenges & Opportunities   
Broad economic, political & social analysis of the world in 2017 & beyond
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom.
Ideal as conference scene-setter

Emerging Worlds: The BRICS & Beyond 
The influence of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa & new markets on the global political economy            
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom

Africa Watch 2017: Risks, Challenges & Opportunities     
A comprehensive macro-economic, political and social trends overview of the state of Sub-Saharan Africa   
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom.

The State of the World: The Global Economy in 2017      
Broad macro-economic & socio-political trends in the world today.            
Corporate, Convention, Boardroom


South Africa - Uncharted Waters: The 3 Big Events to Shape our Future
Jacob Zuma’s 2016 State of the Nation Address: Economic pressure is increasing. Can President Zuma make the necessary policy changes to advance growth & positive sentiment?
Pravin Gordhan’s 2016 National Budget: Balancing the books & creating a stable economic environment is desperately needed. Can Pravin Gordhan restore faith in the economy?
The hotly contest Local Government Elections: The ANC is under electoral pressure. Will the voice of the voters change not only the direction of the country but also the fortunes of its current leadership?

1. Uncharted Waters:
The evolving politics and economics of South Africa–now and into the future. SouthAfrica’ s flagship political economy analysis. Acclaimed analyst Daniel Silke presents the most comprehensive current overview of the South African economy and political situation. Complete with the latest financial indicators and insights into the political fortunes of the ANC and leadership changes to come.

2. South Africa & the World:
The Global, African & South African political economy in perspective. A comprehensive account of the latest macro-economic trends from South Africa and beyond her borders. Extend your knowledge to the African and global economy as Daniel Silke summarises developments in the USA, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the BRICS nations and Asia.

3. TheSaga of Modern South Africa:
An introduction to South Africa’s transformation and quest for stable democracy.Exclusively designed for in-bound foreign audiences! Daniel Silke presents a broad introduction to South Africa and how the country is governed. Includes an overview of the story of the new South Africa from the dark days of the past, through the Mandela years towards a new system of government and the unique transition to democracy.  Fully updated to include an overview of the last 21 years of democracy and prospects for the future. 

4. Arise Africa:
Delivering on its Promise? Flagship insights into the current state of Africa’s economy & future prospects. Following a decade of almost unstoppable growth, Africa now faces a series of global and domestic headwinds as commodity prices drop and budgets are under pressure . But the fundamentals remain strong for the continent to become a powerhouse in the future. Get the latest macro-economic and trend analysis for the continent expertly presented and analysed. A balanced, yet positive account of Africa’ s progress and challenges now and into the future.  

5. The African Future: Delivering on it's potential?
The Compelling Case for Investing in Africa. Constantly updated & always essential! In May 2000, the Economist Magazine referred to Africa as ‘The Hopeless Continent”. A decade later, the same magazine extolled the virtues of Africa in another cover story – this time more positively entitled ‘ Africa Rising’. Hear a positive account of the top reasons why investing on the continent will be an essential part of any business strategy into the future.


6. Global Watch 2016 & Beyond: Volatility, Risks and Opportunity.
Volatility, Risks & Opportunity. BrandNew –the Top10 Risks & Opportunities for the World Global political and macro-economic events have created a new degree of volatility in the world. Hear the latest assessment of the top 10 risks and also assess how these risks offer unique investment opportunities. Daniel Silke brings economics, finance and global  change to life in this compelling take on the international situation.  

7. Emerging Worlds: 
The influence & impact of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa(BRICS) & the rise of the rest.  Brand new insights & analysis! Once the darling of the global investment community, the BRICS now find themselves struggling  sometimes politically and economically. Daniel Silke presents a macro-economic and political analysis of the core trends in the member countries and also assesses the role of Emerging Markets into the future.

8.The State of the World: Global Trends in 2016 and Beyond
The Global Economy in 2016. New insights into the latest economic trends facing the world.
Looking for an insightful and informative take on current global economic conditions? Daniel Silke’ s new keynote offers just that. Silke takes financial charts and economic trends  - distilled into an hour - and makes it entertaining and compelling. Go literally ‘ around the world’ in 45 minutes with this macro-economic overview. 
9. Tracking the Future:
Top Trends to Shape & Shift the World! Daniel Silke presents a compelling and highly entertaining new analysis of the top global economic, political, social & technological trends that will transform the world over the coming decades. Constantly updated with the latest trend drivers, Silke identifies key areas of dramatic change that will affect us as individuals or in the business environment. May be customised to specific industries and can include a broader economic analysis.  Tracking the Future:Leadership Training & Workshop Tracking the Future is now also available in a workshop format. The presentation will be followed by a moderated group discussion to dissect each trend, its relevance and effect on business and on the immediate macro corporate & social environment. Alternatively, breakaway groups can individually analyse selected trends and report back to a plenary.

10.The Consumer of the Future:
How political, economic, social & technological trends influence & drive the discerning consumer. The world is changing rapidly and the consumer of the future is upon us. In this important and timely presentation, Daniel Silke identifies a series of key social, political, economic and technological trends and shows how these will affect every aspect of the customer experience in the years to come.  Can be customised for specific industries. Take politics, economics, social change & technology, mix them together with consumer insights and this is one presentation not to be missed! 



The following introduction is a suggested draft only. It may be used in its entirety or parts thereof when presenting Daniel on stage prior to his presentation.

“Daniel Silke is one of South Africa's leading Independent Political Analysts and Keynote Speakers covering South African, African and Global political and economic issues. As a renowned Futurist and commentator, his insightful, entertaining and predictive presentations on topical issues are in great demand. Silke holds a Masters Degree in South African and International Politics and has served, in a senior capacity, both as a Member of the Provincial Parliament and as a City Councillor in Cape Town He lectures and consults to major corporates, academic institutions and think-tanks both locally and overseas. He is currently the Director of Political Futures Consulting and also regularly appears in print, on the Internet and on radio & television both in South Africa and abroad. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you - Daniel Silke.”


•Most of Daniel’s presentations require a large-screen PowerPoint capability. Daniel’s presentations rely on both text and visuals and it is essential that PowerPoint is available.
•He will use a laptop on stage in front of him - on the podium - at all times.
•Daniel is an animated speaker and does prefer direct eye contact with his audience.
•He prefers a cordless lavaliere (lapel) microphone where possible.
•Daniel does not release any copies of his PowerPoint presentations for general use although the audience is naturally welcome to take notes.
•He does not use pre-written speeches and only uses abbreviated notes during his presentation.

The following introduction is a suggested draft only. It may be used in its entirety or parts t
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