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Guestspeaker- Femi Adebanji
Femi Adebanji
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Johannesburg South Africa
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With client feedback such as “YOU ROCK!, Femi’s career as a dynamic, fresh and “straight-shooting” business motivational speaker has been featured in interviews with leading publications such as the Business Day, Entrepreneur Magazine and on numerous mainstream radio stations.  His high-energy business talks and TV interviews on the “Good Morning Africa’s” Business Leadership series on Dstv, have been flighted in over 20 countries on the continent.  
Femi’s ability to intelligently deliver solid business content around high- performance business culture, leadership and motivation, has earned him the privilege of working with blue-chip clients such as the Office of the Presidency, Barclays Africa, Duke CE (Duke University), Standard Bank, University of Cape Town, Old Mutual, Nedbank, the Endangered Wild-Life Trust, UNISA, First National Bank and many more.  He has also featured as a guest speaker at events such as Ms India South Africa, Global Entrepreneur Week, HR Africa, the Hospitality Technology Conference, the ANOVA Medical conference, the Organizational Design Conference, and many more.     
Formerly, as divisional head of investment strategy within the Momentum Group, Femi and his team grew client assets under advice from R1 billion to just over R5 billion within 2 years; while quadrupling their client base in the process.  During this period, he consulted on strategy issues to premier clients such as BHP Billiton, Rand Merchant Bank and Discovery. Today, he speaks professionally and heads up VESTCOM - a diversified investment holding business with interests in strategy consulting, business training, brand design and marketing, and specialty retail.
As a professional business speaker he shares insights based on first-hand experience, with corporates all over South Africa and abroad, on how to design and develop high-performance businesses, create an inspirational leadership culture, motivate their employees and unleash business greatness!  Femi holds a Post-Graduate degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Financial Economics.
With client feedback such as “YOU ROCK!, Femi’s career as a dynamic, fresh and “straight-shooting” business motivational speaker has been featured in interviews with leading publications such as the Business Day, Entrepreneur Magazine and on numerous mainstream radio stations.  His high-energy business talks and TV interviews on the “Good Morning Africa’s” Business Leadership series on Dstv, have been flighted in over 20 countries on the con
PRESENTATIONS by Femi Adebanji
Femi's speaking topics revolve around the areas of LEADERSHIP, INNOVATION, MOTIVATION,CHANGE and CUSTOMER SERVICE.
His main business talks include:
1. Masters of the Universe – Building A High-Performance Culture in Organisations
2. Lead From Within – Achieving Inspired Leadership
3. Business Unusual – Creating A Culture of Innovation in Organisations
4. Mission Impossible – Overcoming the Fear of Change
5. Be Distinct or Extinct (Successful Customer Service Culture)
**** Latest Talk ****
6. POST COVID SA - THRIVING THROUGH DISRUPTION ( This talk is customised for each client by way of a telephonic briefing between Femi and the client).
Speaking Topics and Descriptions
1. Masters of the Universe – Creating a High Performance Culture
This fast-paced and dynamic talk presents a unique opportunity to equip employees within your organisation with skills that ensure that they work seamlessly and efficiently as a high-performance team. After all, high forming teams form the basis of high performing organisations.
An efficient and results-based team approach within organisations takes place by design and not by accident. Highly functional teams result in highly functional organisations – and teams can ONLY become highly functional when they fully appreciate the following - the overriding organisational vision and HOW to translate that vision practically into success; understand that winning is a culture and a mind-set and NOT an event; develop and maintain a culture of innovation within the organisation; and above all, understand the strategies and insights that will take them from good to great!
Some of the key issues and insights shared in this talk include:
• Why “Good Enough” is no longer good enough
• 10 rule strategy for becoming a high performance organisation
• How to create a compelling vision for the organisation that talks to the personal values of everyone involved
• Creating the mind-set of “vision ownership” in the organisations
• Leveraging off the “Power of Why” and the “Power of Focus”
• How to maintain high levels of motivation within the organisation
• Strategies for practically translating vision into concrete action
• The keys that set “good organisations” apart from “great organisations” and how to achieve them
• How to develop and maintain a culture of innovation
• Going from team to T.E.A.M!
2. Lead From Within – Achieving Inspired Leadership in Organisations
Femi delivers a vibrant talk that focuses on empowering management-level employees to excel in their management roles and also to evolve to become quality leaders within the organisation – true leaders with the credibility and commitment that not only commands the respect of those they manage but also inspires those they manage to give of their best toward the achievement of the organisations goals.
The fundamental supposition of this talk is that the very success of any organisation, business or entity is directly linked to the quality of the leadership ability and not just the management ability that exists within it. The ability to actualize the common vision of the organisation and to effect positive change is driven by its leaders and their ability to influence those around them to share, believe and strive toward the accomplishment of such vision.
In this thought-provoking and exciting1-hour talk, Femi will share insights and concepts that managers can use and apply in their role to thrive and develop their leadership ability such that not only will they be able to influence those around them to buy into the greater vision of the organisation but inspire also them to aim for success in their own right – not because they have to, but because they want to!
Some of the key insights shared in this talk include:
• Why true leadership starts from within
• The difference between management and leadership and the link between quality leadership and quality management
• 10 quality leadership traits and how to develop them
• The Leadership Toolkit – when and how to use it
• The 6 Pillars of Inspired Leadership – Operational Efficiency, Vision, Influence, Trust, Commitment and Mind-set
• How to create passion within your team and inspire them to deliver excellence
• Credibility, Character and Commitment – Why they Matter!
• How organisations can deliver peak performance through inspired leadership
• Keys to harnessing and channelling employee motivation to deliver high productivity and great work ethic.
3. Business Unusual –Successfully Creating A Culture of Innovation
Organisations that consistently deliver superior bottom-line results are organisations that are able to deliver truly innovative solutions that excel the demands of their clients while providing value. Innovation is not an option, it is a must.
Achieving true innovation is understanding that innovation is a culture and not a once-off event; and for businesses to entrench a culture of innovative thinking within their organisation, they must empower their employees to generate fresh ideas, break through the limitations of traditional thinking and keep the tradition of innovation alive.
The rules of the game have changed and only businesses that know how to consistently stay ahead of the innovation curve will survive. 
Some of the key insights shared in this talk include:
• Why Innovation is no longer optional – the business case!
• How to innovate in a way that make sense and “cents”
• The 6-step approach for releasing innovation within organisations
• How to identify and deal with limiting “linear thinking” habits and unlocking breakthrough idea generation
• Achieving Shift – How to move from a problem-focus to “solution-focus”
• “Opportunity Focus”- How to identify opportunities that create the space for innovation
• Using opportunity-focus to design goals and objectives around the innovation process
• Spotting barriers and risks to innovation and how to engage them
• The “Difference” - How to incorporate novelty in the solution
• “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch” - How to maintain a culture of innovation in the organisation.
4. Mission Impossible – Overcoming the Fear of Change in Organisations
Change is the only constant and inappropriately managed, it not only creates an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty but it can also directly impact the productivity of employees in a manner that directly affects the organisation’s bottom line performance. It is an inevitability within any organisation and the key to successfully managing change lies in the manner in which it is engaged.
In this high-speed but informative talk, Femi shows that to successfully manage the process of change, organisations must do two key things:
firstly, devise the best strategic and tactical plans for rolling out the process and more importantly, they must engage the change process in a manner that it takes into cognisance the human side of the equation.
In other words for any change management process to succeed, it must align the change objective with the organisation’s culture, values, vision and people.
Some of the key insights shared in this talk include:
• Why we fear change and how to use awareness to counter the fear of change.
• Key aspects of designing a compelling vision around the change event as an important component to devising a change strategy,
• How to create and maintain momentum around that vision;
• Insights on why many change processes fail and how to safeguard the success of the change process
• Outline solutions for designing an efficient communication strategy around the change process and how to identify both the content
and platform for communicating the change;
• Show how to systematically address the human side of the change process and manage the emotions that are inherent in the change process;
• How to create a sense of ownership around the change process,
• Identify potential risks and create a change strategy that works!

5. Be Distinct or Extinct (Successful Customer Service Culture)

In the “Distinct or Be Extinct” talk, Femi shares unique customer service insights that sets successful organizations apart from the rest. The fact is that competition has ramped up significantly over the years and unless there is something distinct about the service you offer (or how you offer it….), you might not be able to retain your competitive advantage for much longer. 
Great businesses are based on service. They differentiate their offering on service and not necessarily price alone because research has proven again and again that consumers are willing to pay a premium, provided they “get great service”. For consumers, it’s never just about the product, it’s all about the “experience that comes with buying the product”.
In a world where social media is integrated into our lifestyles, customers no longer just buy based on your advertising - they now base their buying decisions on what other consumers say about your brand, your products and most of all your service! Based on your service, a client’s feedback can make your brand either a “hero or zero” to potentially hundreds of thousands of people in literally a few seconds! Knowing how to positively leverage this dynamic is what will make businesses distinct from their competition and keep them positioned for success!
With his trademark humorous style, he cites stories and examples of organizations that have successfully embodied a true service culture, and how they kept on being successful in spite of tough market and economic conditions. He shares his unique “Knock-My-Socks-Off” service success insights that customer service professionals can apply to ensure that they deliver a truly memorable experience to their customers again and again and again.  He outlines how service professionals can make a powerful positive impression in less than 30 seconds and set the tone for closing the deal. 
The talk also focuses on how a team can create a “high-impact service culture”, because when the culture exists, the right behaviours will follow. And whenever employees display the right service behaviours, success is always a guarantee.
Some of the key areas that talk will focus on include:
- The fundamentals of world-class customer service 
- The fundamental success principles for working with customers
- How to successfully engage and deal with different customer profiles
- How to build credibility with your customers in 30 seconds
- Master how to “think like the client” 
- Would I do business with me? - If not, how do we turn this around
- Customer service recovery tips for turning mistakes into profits
- How to identify and avoid customer turn-offs
- The tough customer – what works and what does not work!
- Learn how to provide value at every point of interaction
- Give me a SOLUTION - Just don’t offer products offer solutions!
- Creating A “Customer-Focused” Culture
- What must we do differently to keep our customers loyal
- The current customer service culture - strengths and weaknesses
- How to build on the positive aspects of our current customer culture

PRESENTATIONS by Femi Adebanji
Femi's speaking topics revolve around the area
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