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Guestspeaker- Alex Granger
Alex Granger
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Speaker, MC
Johannesburg South Africa
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Guest Speaker Dr. Alex Granger (Ph.D.) is a ThinkShifter, Global Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and Consultant. He is considered one of the top leadership and personal mastery speakers, and Life coaches in Africa. His work is embraced by business leaders of blue chip companies, associations, institutes, and leaders in government. He has been speaking since 2002.
He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.) with his thesis on Epistemological Mindsets, an honorary Doctor of Excellence, an Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) from the Gordon’s Institute of Business Science with a distinction in Leadership, and he is a certified NLP Life Coach, and certified Virtual Trainer. His messages can be described as insightful, transformational, dynamic, life-changing, incredibly meaningful, and highly impactful.

His messages can be described as transformational, dynamic, lifechanging, incredibly meaningful, and highly impactful. Alex has worked in executive and senior leadership positions for blue chip companies such as Bidvest, Imperial, Standard Bank, and Tsogo Sun. He is the
author of three books, Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Twice Blue, and Founder of the Personal Mastery seminars The Exceptional Apex.
Dr. Granger’s passion is about developing future leaders on the continent of Africa by helping individuals and businesses understand the “How?” behind the “Why?”.
Over the years, I have focussed on how to help my clients and their organisations develop strong and effective leaders, while also helping individuals in these organisations to develop personal capacity to deliver the results leaders are looking for. As a result of this focus, my experiences/keynotes are primarily in
three key areas:
Guest Speaker Dr. Alex Granger (Ph.D.) is a ThinkShifter, Global Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and Consultant. He is considered one of the top leadership and personal mastery speakers, and Life coaches in Africa. His work is embraced by business leaders of blue chip companies, associations, institutes, and leaders in government. He has been speaking since 2002.
He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.) with his thesis on Epistemological Mindsets, an

Innovation Leadership: Leading Through Crisis (New**)
Crisis is inevitable, and organisations are well advised to be prepared. The single best way to be prepared for a crisis is to have a leader who is effective at handling crises when they occur. On good days, a leader’s job is simple: Keep the company running, employees productive, and customers happy. However, not all days are the same.
In order to navigate the storm, there are three steps:
Survival: Practical things to say and do;
Adjust to the New Midterm: Rethinking business models;
Adjust to the New Long Term Reality: Making flexible and collaborative decisions about the future.
Alex shares the 5 Innovation Leadership skills required to not only navigate crisis, but to stay ahead of the change curve, adapt, and innovate for business growth and sustainability.
Key Take Home Value:
Reduced risk because of swift actions.
In addressing crisis, new opportunities will emerge that will provide new business growth.
Employee trust increases because of leadership availability and visibility.
Customer loyalty grows through deliberate communication.
Bluer Than Indigo: A Transformational & Humane LeaderShift
At the heart of humane leadership is the notion of balance and the ability to create harmony in relationship with the self and others. That balancing act makes leadership a challenging activity. Increasingly, a major task leaders must accomplish is to create some sense of order and meaning out of chaos, both for themselves and for those they lead without succumbing to the temptation of premature closure and rigid thinking as a defence against the anxiety of uncertainty. To have something that is “bluer than indigo” is rare and truly remarkable. Implicit in this description is that this sort of leader will always be able to recognise and work to help their pupil fulfil their fullest potential. That means the leader needs to be other-oriented, attuned to the needs of those around them and able to keep their implicit biases and ego in check. This speaks also to the heart of transformational leadership at an individual and business level.
Key Take Home Value:
Delegates improve their communication skills, organisational culture, social competence, client relations, teamwork, and overall a significant shift in thinking and productivity.
Future Proof Your Leadership
Everyone is talking about future proofing their business, and yet, the people to make decisions, create the environment, and drive change are leaders. So, it is even more critical for all leaders to develop self-leadership competencies. These include INTENTION, INFLUENCE, and IMPACT. To realise this, much emphasis must be placed on understanding the difference between command and inspirational leadership, improving accountability, commitment, responsibility, and exponential thinking and agility.
Key Take Home Value:
Delegates leave understanding the required leadership competencies, key decisions which need to be made, and how to steer the business in the direction of profit and growth.
Built To Adapt: Better Everyday (new**)
We can all agree that 2020 was a year that caused much anxiety, loss, and uncertainty. But it also proved that when people unite, a new resilient spirit can rise above the challenges and overcome difficulty, produce stellar results, and perform beyond expectation. General George Casey said “Clarity and simplicity are the antidotes to complexity and uncertainty.” Built To Adapt is about finding new clarity through humanity, emotional intelligence, and community. Humanity is born out of the heart’s revelation that another person is every bit as important as we are.
In building our capacity to adapt more readily to complexity and change, there are three practical solutions that can help:
CLARITY (Purpose > Plan > Responsibility)
ADAPTABILITY: The new competitive advantage
GRIT (Growth > Resilience > Instinct > Tenacity)
These are not mere conversations, but tangible personal development strategies that can help you all to navigate past the Covid-19 pandemic and other future crises.
Key Take Home Value:
Understanding change
Having more clarity to achieve success
Adaptability: the new competitive advantage
Grit for perseverance, courage, and resilience.
B.R.E.A.T.H.E. - From Survival to Thriving in 2021 (new**)
There is no doubt that most people have been negatively affected by the covid-19 pandemic. While there is hope of the vaccine, stress, anxiety, loss, depression, and confusion continue to kill motivation to work. In this motivational talk, Alex shares 7 strategies to future proof your emotional and mental wellbeing and be more productive. Using the acronym BREATHE, clarity will bring a renewed sense of purpose, focus, and drive to pick up the broken pieces and deliver. Will it be easy? Of course not. But daily steps towards the BREATHE strategy will give you impetus and inspiration for future generations.
Key Take Home Value:
The BREATHE framework was designed by Dr. Alex Granger as a way to help delegates overcome pain, trauma, loss, depression, negativity, and regain motivation, focus, positivity, strength, resulting in productivity, wellness, and success.
Future Fit For Purpose
In a difficult global economy, businesses need to introspect and question whether they are fit for purpose. Are your people fit for purpose? The definition of “fit for purpose” is “anything that is good enough to do the job it was made for”. How do you develop fit for purpose leaders, culture, and PEOPLE? Using a 3 step methodology, Alex shares insights on how people can be developed and made future fit for purpose.
Key Take Home Value:
Tools and techniques on how to transform people and empower them with tools to become fit for purpose.
We Must Rise
What happened? In a flash the world was thrown into a global pandemic. This, and other crises require strong individuals with resilience, focus, and grit. We need people who will swim upstream, go against the grain, challenge the status quo, and see the possibilities in chaos. Alex dissects the “HOW TO” navigate through a crisis and thrive. Businesses need individuals who will evolve, become more agile and nimble, and prevail against the tides of any crisis.
Key Take Home Value:
Learn how to evolve into a crisis-proof business
How character is at the core of individual growth
How to kill ANTS
The value of Self-Worth
Withdrawing from the future
The 2nd Arrow of RESILIENCE
Duration: 3 hours
Designed for: All levels of staff
This program helps staff to develop resilience, character, and fortitude to manage any change or crisis. The 5 step module program  includes:
1. Mindset
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Self-Belief
4. Adaptability
5. Optimism
LEARNING OUTCOMES: The framework is designed to: - inspire a shift in thinking in navigating change and the new normal post Covid-19; - improve self-awareness through EQ and develop grit; - amplify self-belief and confidence in this new era; - strengthen one’s ability to adapt to changes readily; and - deliver a sense of optimism and positivity.
Personal Mastery
Duration: 2 Days
Designed for: All levels of staff
An essential ingredient for super-happiness in life is discovering personal mastery. Personal mastery is something that we all want to achieve, whether we know it or not. It is about our journey towards continuous improvement and seeing life from a different perspective. Personal mastery is guided by principles such as purpose, vision, belief, commitment and knowing oneself. Ultimately, personal mastery is about understanding exactly how you think, why you do things the way you do, having clarity around your purpose and direction in life and taking steps towards continual learning and development to evolve and enhance oneself. It is not something that is achieved overnight, but rather something that each and every one of us strive towards in our journey of life, fostering a more satisfying, successful, happier and fulfilling life.
Contribution to Others 
Positive Attitude 
Understanding Self
Develop Courage
Improve Communication
EQ & Mindset strength
Navigate change
Leading From Within
Duration: 2 Days
Designed for: Junior, Middle, and Senior Management
Content Overview:
1. Sense-Making in disruption. Using the Cynefin sense making tool to shift leaders’ abilities to perceive what space their organisation is in.
2. Leading in a crisis.
3. Complexity, Critical, and Agile Thinking. 
4. Leveraging EQ for organisational culture. 
5. Leadership Accountability. 
6. Engaging and enabling your people through change. 
Leaders need to exercise humanity in dealing with staff but not lose sight of business goals.
A two day leadership intervention that will draw the strength from within you to be able to navigate the prevailing crisis, and another future crisis for that matter. Essentially, this is a leadership proofing masterclass! The LEADING FROM WITHIN Masterclass is a carefully curated leadership framework with 6 components, facilitated in an immersive experience of practical activities to enhance and cement new learning.


Technical requirements to be provided by the client are as follows:

1. Alex uses a MacBook so he brings his own laptop and does have both the VGA and HDMI connectors.
2. He prefers a headset microphone (like the Countryman).
3. Alex uses videos in his presentations and would need to be able to connect his laptop to the sound system.
4. Data Projector.
5. Screen.

Technical requirements to be provided by the client are as follows:

1. Alex uses a MacBook so he brings hi
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