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Aki Kalliatakis - Customer Service
South Africa - Johannesburg
In 1989, Aki started his own small Management Consultancy. Amongst other consulting work, he is actively involved in assisting companies to implement "Delight Your Customers!&....
Alex Granger - Author
South Africa - Johannesburg
Guest Speaker Dr. Alex Granger is considered one of the top leadership, personal mastery, and high performance speakers in Africa. His work is embraced by business lead....
Billy Selekane - Businessman
South Africa - Johannesburg
Billy Selekane CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is an Author, Internationally acclaimed Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Personal, Team and Organizational Effectiveness Speci....
Femi Adebanji - Businessman
South Africa - Johannesburg
With client feedback such as “YOU ROCK!, Femi’s career as a dynamic, fresh and “straight-shooting” business motivational speaker has been featured in int....
Paul Du Toit - Customer Service
South Africa - Johannesburg
Keynote speaker and trainer Paul du Toit is an entertaining, high-content speaker who blends his talks to the theme of your conference. His powerful messages will remain with yo....
Peter Cheales - Customer Service
South Africa - Johannesburg
Peter Cheales is eloquent, dynamic and energetic. But his purpose is direct and targeted - to give you the key ingredients to make your company a world-class service provider. Whet....
Richard Mulvey - Businessman
South Africa - Cape Town
Guest Speaker Richard Mulvey is one of South Africa’s leading speakers and over the last 22 years has inspired more than 200 000 business people throughout three conti....
Vanessa Bluen - Branding
South Africa - Johannesburg
With a curiosity and passion for people, development, and new experiences, Vanessa Bluen, Managing Director of The Consultant Powerhouse, leads a talented team who design and im....
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