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Nick Christelis
Nick Christelis
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Nick Christelis is the dynamic and knowledgeable Managing Partner of Nick Christelis & Associates, a consultancy specialising in Aligning Strategy, People and Performance since 1980.  He has an internationally acclaimed reputation as a business strategist, facilitator, coach and speaker.  
Nick is affiliated with the American Management Association and has over the past 30 years presented at thousands of local and international conferences including the MIT Enterprise Forum in Cambridge, Boston and the Joint Management Development Program sponsored by the HEC School of Business in Paris.  He has advised the State President’s Tourism Council on training and development within the hospitality industry in South Africa and has facilitated the highly successful Primedia Broadcasting LEADSA strategy.  His strengths lie in his practical business experience, having been a director of numerous client companies as well as his ability to remain at the cutting edge of worldwide development in strategy and leadership.  
Nick’s book, The Art of the Arrow: How Leaders Fly, was launched on the 1st October 2015.  The book will introduce you to the Leadership Arrow. Based on Nick’s years of global consulting experience, it’s his interpretation of the leadership journey.  It takes everything we know about leadership and suggests a model that’s easy to understand and apply as you travel your own leadership journey, whether personal or organizational.  The theme of this book provides an ideal one hour conference presentation.
Any presentation by Nick is guaranteed to be dynamic, motivating and challenge thinking, while simultaneously being practical and providing suggestions for follow up actions.
Nick Christelis is the dynamic and knowledgeable Managing Partner of Nick Christelis & Associates, a consultancy specialising in Aligning Strategy, People and Performance since 1980.  He has an internationally acclaimed reputation as a business strategist, facilitator, coach and speaker.  
Nick is affiliated with the American Management Association and has over the past 30 years presented at thousands of local and international conferenc
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The race for tomorrow begins today and will be won by those who practice the new rules of the game.

You are involved in something BIG: The shift to an entirely new economy…a new age…a vastly different approach in the way organizations operate.

Work is going global. We’re moving from the Information Age into the Experience Age. The economy is shifting more and more toward services, and toward knowledge work. Top management absolutely won’t be able to run things the old way, even if it desperately wants to.

New technologies – especially computers and telecommunications – have already created intense, worldwide competition for business. Soon, competition for your very own job could come from practically anywhere on earth.

Careers have already quit working like they used to. That’s not really anybody’s fault. But employees and organizations are very much at fault if they, too, don’t change in order to adapt.

It does us no good whatsoever to complain or be bitter about what’s happening. In fact, such behaviour can only do us harm. We waste precious energy if we resist, get angry, or give in to grief over all that’s being lost. We jeopardize our future if we cling to old assumptions and expectations about how careers should operate.

Frankly, the world doesn’t care about our opinions. Or our feelings. The world rewards only those of us who catch on to what’s happening, who invest our energy in finding and seizing the opportunities brought about by change. And change always comes bearing gifts.

Considering the scope and speed of change these days, there will be precious gifts – many priceless opportunities – for those of us who play by the new rules, position ourselves right, and take personal responsibility for our future.

This dynamic presentation will introduce you to the new rules of the game. Learn the new work habits you should develop in order to add value to your job, your department, your company and your customers. This way you can self manage your future rather than be at the mercy of the current unforgiving environment. If you are in management, learn about what work habits you should instill in your team to ensure you deliver on your responsibilities.

THE SHIFT TO THE SECOND CURVE: How to Survive in "Commodity Hell".

To say that the only constant in modern business is change is to overstate a well worn cliché. But like most clichés it is a truism whose real depths remains largely ignored. Differentiation is the strategic savior of the new economy. Yet the questions being asked are:

What can we do better? How can we be more efficient? How can we change our business model to compete more effectively? This is not real change but rather becoming fitter at what we do so we can more effectively compete head on. This inward gazing might be necessary but it will not provide a sustainable competitive edge in a world where the value of your product or service is not inherent in the thing itself. Rather it is an abstract perception that lies in the mind of your customer. Most of the ways to add value directly to a product are already in use. What then lies unexplored for both businesses and individuals as they strive not only to survive, but thrive in this commodity hell?

This dynamic and motivating presentation will help you look at your approach through new eyes. Examples, stories and analogies will challenge your thinking and you will realize how you or you business can change in order to compete on a long term basis in an over crowded and commoditised market.

If you have job responsibilities, department responsibilities or are responsible for a business unit or a whole business, then this presentation is for you.

THE RACE FOR TOMORROW BEGINS TODAY - Presentation by Nick Christelis

The race will be won by those who know and practise the new rules of the game.

To be successful in today’s business world means having to work smarter. And “The Race for Tomorrow Begins Today” is the presentation that will give you the tools necessary to be successful in business, whatever your particular field is. Because it is those who practise the new rules of the game that will reap the rewards.

These are people who:

•Are smart and flexible and have new work habits that align with today’s customer-driven economy.
•Build their own security through new levels of accountability, by being innovative, and knowing how to build value adding relationships that support their efforts.
•Manage and motivate themselves.
•Are fixers, not finger pointers.
•Do more with less, but offer less of more.
•Own their customers rather than their product or service.
•Know that what worked yesterday can only guarantee failure tomorrow.
•Are constant learners, with a difference.
•Change their inner world in order to change their outer world.
•Build a solid and enduring foundation based on universal principles.
•Manage their energy, not their time.

With inspiring stories and proven practical strategies and tips, this dynamic and highly motivating presentation will lead you to a more successful and secure future.

So to get a head start in the race for tomorrow, make sure you know the rules of the game. And the first one could very well be attending this presentation.

THE PARTNERSHIP JOURNEY - presentation by Nick Christelis

Are you struggling to build those extremely important partnerships in your life?
Whether it’s customer/supplier, employer/ employee, department to department, company/unions, husband/wife or police/communities, the nature of the game has changed.

The ability to build partnerships that co-create value has become not only critical, but is in itself a powerful strategic differentiator for businesses, and an important prerequisite for happy and successful personal relationships.

Alone, as good as you or your business or your marriage might be, you are just another commodity and you are at risk from a highly competitive and sometimes unforgiving world.

This demanding environment has forced us to become focused and individually excellent in order to survive and succeed. As individuals and businesses become more independently excellent and self sufficient, so do they, unfortunately, become more polarised, creating the potential for conflict.

Fixed viewpoints, processes and behaviours that are independently correct for one party can be incorrect for the other. The battle is on, with the spoils going to the strongest, the most powerful, or the party that is the best negotiator. Or a compromise is reached.

Whichever way it goes, value is destroyed. The battle has been won but the war has just begun.

Tomorrow’s success goes to those who have the skills to build partnerships that create great mutual value – value that can never be achieved individually – while leaving both partners independently enriched and more powerful by the experience.

With inspiring stories, proven relationship building strategies and tips, this presentation will motivate you to build partnerships that are more effective and more mutually beneficial.

Learn about:

The stages of the partnership journey;
The biggest stumbling block of all: The 3R’s and what you can do about them;
The pitfalls of either-or thinking;
How to turn conflict into productive friction;
The SIX PACK for building powerful partnerships.

So whether you are in business or in a personal relationship, “The Partnership Journey” is the ideal presentation for you.

AWARD WINNING SERVICE ... the Ritz Carlton Way. How to Beat the Competition. 
You have tried everything you can to deliver wow service to your customers. You have the systems and procedures and have trained, trained, trained. You have tried the motivation route and in sheer frustration you have upped your performance management. But to no avail. Your service is ok. It’s as good as the competitors, but it’s not the truly competitive edge you would like it to be. All these initiatives are absolutely necessary but will only take you so far. The bottom line: you can’t deliver experience age sustainable award - winning service using an industrial age approach.
This exciting and dynamic presentation will firstly reduce the current complex world to its simplest and most relevant fundamental and manageable patterns. Then hear of my incredible ongoing experiences with Ritz Carlton Hotels and how they go about consistently delivering award - winning service. Learn the specifics of the Ritz Carlton approach and see how many South African companies are successfully adapting these principles to their own situation, and in the process challenge your own thinking and your own approach. 
Ideal for executive teams, internal service providers, as well as for your front line, this easy to understand and dynamic presentation will leave delegates highly willing and able to implement award winning service to their internal and external customers. 
PERSONAL SUCCESS: The Three Critical Elements and How to Align Them. It's Not Rocket Science. 
More books have been written and more theories abound around the subject of personal success and goal achievement than around most other subjects. Bookshelves are cluttered with the latest ‘success formula’ or speakers extol ‘the 10 steps to achieve your goals.’ Like most quests in life, in attempting to find solutions all we have achieved is to complicate, clutter and confuse. Life is generally a lot simpler than we realize. And so is it with success and achievement. Understand the basic principles and you are on your way. It’s never easy, but at least you are focusing effort and energy in the right place.
This dynamic and motivating presentation will introduce you to the 3 critical elements you need to align and manage to self motivate yourself towards more success in your life. 
With real examples taken from Nick’s 25 years of experience with some of South Africa’s top sports people and achievers in the business world, you will take an internal journey with the opportunity to reflect on and challenge your own approach to life, relationships and goal achievement. You will leave highly motivated and with specific practical tools to self motivate yourself on an ongoing basis. 
If you need to energise, motivate, and lift your team, then this dynamic presentation is exactly what you need. 
COMMIT OR QUIT: How to Manage Yourself in Times of Recession. 
Exciting as it is to be living through historic economic drama and ongoing political transition; you can’t just stand by and watch. You have to act – yet you have no script. So much of today’s turmoil and uncertainty is unprecedented that we can’t find much guidance by looking to the past. And yet so many of the most effective moves you can make to thrive in the new world order are really fundamental.
This powerful presentation will introduce you to both the mindset you need to have and key actions you should take, together with what you should definitely avoid in order to succeed as the future unfolds. 
PRESENTATIONS by Nick Christelis

Consulting, Training & Services 

-Flip chart and koki pens
-Laptop (he has info/pictures on a CD)
-If no laptop then overhead projector will suffice
-Large white screen
-He has a strong voice but if venue is very large then a lapel microphone

-Flip chart and koki pens
-Laptop (he has info/pictures on a CD)
-If no laptop then overhead projector will suffice
-Large w
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