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Guestspeaker- Pieter Cronje
Pieter Cronje
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Speaker, MC
Stellenbosch South Africa
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Afrikaans, English
Author,Branding,Broadcasting,Businessman,Communication,Conflict Management,Consultant,Crisis Management,Facilitator,Inspiration,Journalist,Leadership,Marketing,MC,Media,South Africa
Guest Speaker Pieter Cronjé shares the Tom Peters mantra: “Curious till the end.”  His curiosity and adventures have produced some close shaves, but a wealth of experience and stories – mind stuff, martial arts, SCUBA diving, racing, exploring, flying……. And, oh, he had a mainstream career in journalism, broadcasting, elections, oil and energy, financial services, local government and international consulting working with cutting-edge digital and technology experts. He collected T-shirts for handling major crises and successes – like Soccer world Cup in South Africa, Brazil and Russia and Table Mountain’s New Seven Wonders of the World victory. PS He looks disappointingly normal.

As an international communication and crisis expert, business and political advisor, Pieter has extensive experience in crisis communication, media skills and acting as spokesperson. He has worked in Africa, Europe, Britain, Russia, Georgia and Brazil.  
He was Communication and Marketing Director for the City of Cape Town for eleven years and spokesperson on the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Cape Town, and was invited to Brazil and Russia to help them prepare for their respective FIFA World Cup Soccer events in 2014 and 2018.
He specialises in communication, marketing, branding and leadership based on wide corporate, executive and consulting experience in business, government and public enterprise – at Media24, the SABC, the Independent Electoral Commission, Shell, Sanlam, the City of Cape Town and a range of clients from a variety of economic sectors. 
With extensive journalism and broadcasting experience, Pieter was spokesperson for five organisations and was interviewed by major international news organisations. He played a key role in South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994 and other major projects including the regulation of broadcasting in South Africa, the introduction of unleaded fuel in South Africa, the demutualisation and listing of Sanlam and Table Mountain’s successful international campaign to become one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. 
He is an author, columnist and guest lecturer at the Stellenbosch University Business School and School of Public Leadership as well as an Honorary Fellow of the Van Zyl Slabbert Institute of Student Leadership.
Guest Speaker Pieter Cronjé shares the Tom Peters mantra: “Curious till the end.”  His curiosity and adventures have produced some close shaves, but a wealth of experience and stories – mind stuff, martial arts, SCUBA diving, racing, exploring, flying……. And, oh, he had a mainstream career in journalism, broadcasting, elections, oil and energy, financial services, local government and international consulting working with cutting-edge digital a
PRESENTATIONS by Pieter Cronje

**Latest Presentation**“So how will I work with ten people and four robots?”
There is no manual for this. Information and bio technology, artificial intelligence, and the effects of climate change will disrupt education, schools, families, business and work. Jobs, careers and professions will change or disappear as algorithms and machines step in to serve the needs of communities, customers and clients. Is this your robotic nightmare or does the opportunity excite you? Can you open your mind, embrace lifelong learning, reinvent yourself and inspire those you lead to adopt this mindset? This talk will demystify the buzzwords.  It will give you a marketing and survival toolkit for an unpredictable future. 
What does not kill you makes you stronger – a media survival story
The toughest communication test is a live television interview in a crisis or controversy with a hostile interviewer.
Once you have earned that T-shirt, important conversations, presentations, talks, meetings and client pitches become easier. So media training becomes your communication master class.
As a political, African and foreign correspondent, a broadcasting manager and spokesperson for five major organisations, Pieter knows both sides of the divide well – and many tricks of the trade. He offers an inside track on tight spots, major crises, successes and funny moments. 
He speaks as a journalist – from being a cub reporter to attending a royal wedding - and as a spokesperson stepping into the firing line or coaching business and political leaders for media interviews.
Personal case studies include the premature implosion of two landmark towers, electricity blackouts, xenophobic violence, disasters, strikes, priceless joy and relief about successes and accolades. They cover major events such as South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994, the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Table Mountain’s successful international New Seven Wonders of Nature campaign.
He shares the tool he developed during the World Cup – aptly named The Media Survival Kit©. 
The 1994 elections: Our finest hour? Any chance of an encore? 
International election experts warned that South Africa’s first democratic elections would take one to two years to organise.  It was accomplished, against all odds, in four months. It united 20 million South Africans waiting in long queues to cast their votes, 10 million of them for the first time.
Pieter Cronjé was in the thick of it as Communication Director and spokesperson of the IEC.  This was seven times bigger than any previous election. A third of the 10 500 voting stations had no electricity and communication. There was urban violence, sabotage, bloody clashes, even an armed invasion. 
The IEC grew from one staff member in December 1993 to 350 000 election staff over voting days.  A massive voter education drive saw 6 million manuals in 11 languages helping to deliver a voter turnout of 86% and less than 1% spoilt ballots.
His fascinating, scary, humorous and uplifting talk tells about:
The dark hours when the IEC was hit by a series of crises and South Africa peered over the cliff
The superhuman efforts and battle-like logistics
Tense stand-offs with Bophuthatswana and KwaZulu to participate in the ballot
Violence on the East Rand and the Shell House shooting
The vacuum when Pres. De Klerk was no longer and Mr. Mandela not yet governing 
How international media descended on South Africa expecting bloodshed
Legal threats by major political parties that almost scuppered a national effort
The story continues to the 2010 Football World Cup when Pieter was Communication Director and spokesperson for Cape Town.  He was subsequently invited to Russia and Brazil to help them prepare for their 2014 and 2018 World Cups.
He gives an insightful analysis of South Africa’s journey and reflects on where we are today, 22 years down Democracy Road.  Pieter’s personal story is about leadership and ordinary people in extraordinary events.  It is South Africa’s story.
I have a dream for South Africa in 2017
I have a dream that in 2017…
South Africans can meet at a place beyond “right” and “wrong”.
We will pursue our destiny and potential, not accept our fate and decline.
People will exercise their collective, but especially, individual power for good. “If not me, then who?  If not now, then when?”
South Africans will speak truth to power and caringly to people.
We will not be overwhelmed into inaction, but tackle inequality and poverty with respect for every one we meet, doing what we can and doing the best we can.
South Africans will treat tiny insects to the Big Five, our waters, plants, mountains and plains as they would their newborn child.
This country will exchange its marketing differentiator from “junk” to “gem”, “grab” to “give”, “power” to “people”.
Rediscover the real South African pride awakened by Mandela’s release, the first democratic election in 1994, our team and individual sport, 2010 and other World Cup and Olympic victories.
Trained as a critical journalist, Pieter recounts work and personal experiences to illustrate why South Africa’s worth dreaming about.
Whatever you do, work on communicating it!
Six tools in a communication toolbox will help you stand out from the competition.  It will help you to share your expertise, product or service more effectively, more persuasively with more people – for business growth and success.  With all other things being equal, these skills will give you the edge over competitors.
The tools will produce positive results right now and help you to continually reinvent yourself and your business for an unpredictable future disrupted by technology and global trends.
The six tools are persuasive communication, marketing differentiation, networking, personal and business branding, caring service and the ability to have crucial conversations.  They are way too important to be left to communicators and marketers.  They are essential people, business, and leadership skills - whatever your business, profession or job might be.
Ever more businesses and professionals are discovering they need communication and marketing skills. Their expertise, experience, qualifications and service no longer provide a strong enough “differentiator” against competitors.
They also realise communication and marketing is not “someone’s else job”.  It is theirs, and everyone’s in their business.  An unpleasant interaction between a client and the “weakest communication link” in a company can harm its brand and business.
This toolbox will help you to journey from exchanging information to influence and credibility and, ultimately, to inspirational leadership – something much more powerful than management directives.
Pieter shares his personal experiences – hands-on, as a manager, executive and international consultant.


News media 
“Pieter Cronjé is known amongst radio journalists as master of the sound bite. He has the ability to convey difficult information in a clear and brief manner and in perfect Afrikaans and English. He is extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the whole media industry, he is a communicator of note, a man of integrity and the proverbial gentleman - Lizma van Zyl, former news editor of KFM Radio as well as one of the founders and former news editor of Smile 90.4FM.”
"Thank you for my media training experience - a tool I know will contribute a lot to my growth as a person and a business woman.” -  Nobesuthu Tom, Marketing director, PEP.
“During the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Pieter was available for interviews day and night.  Indeed the pro’s pro!” – Brenda Breytenbach, news editor SABC.
Communication, leadership
"You were the best person to help us think better. Please continue changing more of our lives with your great experiences and drive for people to prosper and be great,” - Dr. Bongiwe Mcata, university lecturer, Fort Hare.
"You know I really needed this training, I don't regret any moment and you really motivated us. It was a great pleasure to be part of it and I thank you for all the lessons you taught us.” - Dr. Abongile Balarane, marketing executive.
"The experience was priceless. You are an amazing presenter and you have shared vital amounts of knowledge with us. I hope that you will continue doing the remarkable job of building and motivating new leaders in SA”. - Naweed Mohamed, Agriculture specialist.
"I am really grateful for the amount of knowledge and wisdom that you have imparted to me and my team. What you are doing comes straight from the heart. I really appreciate all the efforts you have put into the programme and I want you to be assured that my eyesight is sharper and I see the world with a different lens now”. - Michael Appolus, Civil Engineer.
Pieter, my gratitude for the excellent way in which you handled the business breakfast on the Secrecy Bill and the promotion beforehand.  It was done perfectly and with absolute commitment! - Prof Kobus van Rooyen, chairman: Broadcasting Complaints Commission
I write to convey the sincere thanks of the Bible Society of South Africa to you for acting so graciously as Master of Ceremonies for our Western Cape Region Gala Dinner. Your thorough preparation was most evident, as was your insight into the particular ethos and spirit of the evening. Added to this your sense of humour brought a light and congenial touch to the proceedings, helping to foster an atmosphere in which all could relax and feel part of the affair – Rev. Dirk Gevers, Chief Executive Officer, the Bible Society of South Africa.
Business growth strategy
With his extensive track record as a communications and media specialist, Pieter Cronjé provided us with valuable insights and proposals to augment our company’s initiatives. His guidance on image and reputation management has added value to our understanding and execution in these specialised areas. - Nic Cronjé, CEO of Golden Arrow Bus Services
Pieter’s attention to detail, the big picture and meticulous planning, proved to be a rare attribute. He has aided our business to look at the critical factors needed to position us for future growth. - Mark Herman, Marketing Manager, Die Burger
Pieter played a significant role in assisting the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences with the repositioning of its Marketing and Communications Division. His wealth of experience was invaluable for helping us formulate our strategy. He also provided practical guidance on setting goals and objectives and the tools to achieve these goals.  Pieter’s contribution has had a direct and very positive impact on the performance of the Division and the morale of our staff.” - Prof Jimmy Volmink, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University

PRESENTATIONS by Pieter Cronje

**Latest Presentation**“So how will I work with ten people and four robots?&
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