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Guestspeaker- Michael Scholz
Michael Scholz
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Johannesburg South Africa
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Golf,MC,Professional sportsman
Michael has been a professional golfer since 1992 and has played and been a member of the Sunshine Tour, European Tour, the Asian Tour and the European Challenge Tour. He has had over 20 top 10 finishes on these circuits in his journey as playing professional.
This offers clients the certainty that the quality of the shots that he features in the shows, are of the highest standard, unlike some golf entertainers who fail dismally in this department.

Included in the offerings are various interactive "on-course" activities, collaborations with celebrities, comedians and performers, and his latest trick shot show offering, Thrill 2019!
For fundraising events, Michael has loads of fundraising mechanisms and activities that raise significant funds and add MASSIVE excitement to the golf day.

A golfing entertainment not to be missed!!

Michael has been a professional golfer since 1992 and has played and been a member of the Sunshine Tour, European Tour, the Asian Tour and the European Challenge Tour. He has had over 20 top 10 finishes on these circuits in his journey as playing professional.
This offers clients the certainty that the quality of the shots that he features in the shows, are of the highest standard, unlike some golf entertainers who fail dismally in this department.
SERVICES OFFERED by Michael Scholz

Entertainment Options & Rates

**New show** The Spectacular History of Golf with Mike & Dave
To kick the year off with a BANG! Mike has teamed up with legendary comedian Dave Levinsohn to offer clients a comedy/trick shot show option that will leave guests rolling on the ground with laughter whilst watching an awesome array of trick shots.
This interactive show sees Dave and Mike rewrite the history of golf whilst including a number of guests in this epic comedic journey from when golf balls were made of leather and were beaten with a wooden stick. 
The show also includes time in the WWI trenches, the first golf estate in medieval times and many other interesting fact not known by the golf historians. 
Included in the package is the hosting and MC'ing the evening function, auctioneering & fundraising (if required) and comedy with Dave Levinsohn ... and a small contribution by Michael Scholz.
Prize-givings have never been this much fun!
1) POWER 2018! - Trick Shot Show (best at 45-minutes, but can be made shorter/longer upon requirement)
The Trick Shot Show is a high impact show best hosted after the golfers have completed their golf and includes my services as Master-of-Ceremonies, Auctioneer, Fundraiser and Entertainment.
Some of the shots and skits include:
Lazy Boy Style
Grip dropper
Short Irons then Driver
Double Swinging
The Launcher
Skater Boy
Tee Markers with a twist
The Big Ball
Ball Bustin’
Seven Tiers
The Long Pause
Butterfly Clubbing
Bounce – draw, fade, high, low
Cocktails for Everyone
Rollin’ down the pipes
Scissors back and forth
All the bad shots!
Helmet Basher
Great timing
“The Coach” – a whole line up of new fun and informative tips leading into the show.
Loads of new impersonations including: Miguel Angel, Hideki, Rory, Tiger, Bubba, Freddie, Natalie G, Ernie & Louis.
2) Master of Ceremonies
Having MC’ed hundreds of golf events, gala functions and conferences, as well as regularly being a guest speaker at events, I am well versed with events of all types.
Golf days are my speciality and being a professional golfer, as well as having an active involvement with event management, you can be assured that my services in this regard are impeccable.
As an extension of my trick shot show services, I pride myself in adding loads of fun and humour to golf event prize-givings, whilst still maintaining the professionalism and protocol expected for the event.
3) Beat-the-Pro
This is a fun on-course entertainment option whereby the golfers in the field will arrive at a par 3 tee and be challenged to try to get their shot closer than my shot, or on a par 4 or 5 to try to outdrive mine, with the catch being that they get to choose which trick shot they would like me to hit.
The options include various trick shots namely:
Off my knees, with my back facing the target, with the short club (40cm’s long), the long club (2metres long), bounce hit (where I hit a ball out of mid-air), balancing on a rugby ball, balancing on a skateboard, one-handed, Happy Gilmore style, off a high tee (1,2 metres high), once legged (either leg) and many other options.
This doesn’t slow down the pace of play as I hit one shot per fourball.
I usually beat 3 out of every fourball so this challenge really causes a stir amongst the golfers and is great fun.
4) The Giant Catapult
This is a novel new aspect that is massively fun and entertaining on-course activity that does not hold up play.
Instead of hitting their golf shot to a par 3, the golfers shoot their ball to it.
The catapult will be managed (personnel provided) and set up for the distance of a featured par-3.
It is extremely accurate and offers the golfer a better result than if he/she actually hits a shot.
Also, they just can’t resist having a shot with the giant cattie.
Golfers talk about this experience for weeks.
For fundraising, golfers are “coerced” into paying a fee to participate and to ensure that the facility generates funds for both the charity and the facilitator, the funds raised is split 50/50.
5) Simulator
The simulator setup is superb!
Best used at the prize-giving or after play for a “closest to the pin challenge” on a famous par-3 (such as the 17th at TPC Sawgrass).
The simulator has brilliant graphics and allows for sponge balls (or even a balloon) to be hit to obtain the virtual flight of the ball, so there is no risk of injury
or danger whatsoever.
The competitors would play into the screen (projected graphics), thus giving them and the audience the perception of actually playing the hole.
The simulator can also be used as a contingency if the weather suspends play for competitions such as longest drives and closest to the pin using world famous holes as the facility for this.
The simulator can also be structured into the event as a pre-round aspect whereby golfer can hit a shot before teeing off in the golf day or upon completion of their rounds (even at prizegiving), with a prize being structured for the winner (closest to the pin). 
The simulator cannot be used outdoors and in direct sunlight.
For fundraising, the golfers are charged a fee to participate, thus raising money through this facility.
6) Hole-in-One for a Car
I arrange this through service through Golf Guys, whereby they arrange for the insurance underwriting of a vehicle/cash value of your choice at 3,5% i.e. R 7000 for a purse of R 200 000, plus an administration/management fee of R 5000 (special rate to my clients).
The golfers get to experience what the professionals experience in big Tour events with a car on the line for a hole-in-one.
It is easy to structure sponsorship deals with this aspect with motor dealerships as they get to showcase their vehicles, as well as having the vehicle purchased from them if an ace is achieved.
For fundraising, a suggested fee for R 100 per player should be structured and if sponsored, this facility makes significant funds for the charity.
7) “The Dave & Mike Golfing History Spectacular” with Dave Levinsohn & Michael Scholz
In our golfing environment we throw terms around, like 'divot', 'birdie' and 'freshie'. But when did these seemingly unrelated words becomes common golfing language?
Does GOLF really mean Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden? Or have we been fooled? And if I'm punching it on my backfoot at a mashie. Am I in a night club in Kempton or at the Augusta par three tournament?
If you think you know your golf history? We're about to turn it on its head.
Welcome to 'The Dave and Mike Golfing History Spectacular'.
A comedic journey delving deeply into golfing folklore and trivia. With some practical tips and trick shots along the way.
What can go wrong when you are learning golf from a golf mad comedian and a cut missing pro?
Learn how to rule the tee-box with random facts and not the perfect swing. This is the only tour you need to be on.
The service includes a joint and side-splitting prize-giving presentation with Dave Levinsohn & Michael Scholz providing a comedic style of acknowledging the day's best and worst on-course performances.

Auction Memorabilia and Getaways
(Fundraising Events)
Although many don’t enjoy auctions, they raise great money! I provide high-end auction memorabilia that are all unique and very desirable to the market i.e. signed by Nelson Mandela, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Valentino Rossi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Usain Bolt and many other icons and sporting celebrities. Luxury holiday getaways are also popular and appeal to many who prefer this option to
memorabilia. As an example we can include golfing getaways to Mozambique, Sun City, Highland Gate, Fancourt and even international getaways to Mauritius.
With reserves of R 8000 (great deal), one can expect to make around R 5000 per getaway in the auctions and I usually double up (i.e. 2 sales from one auction), thus doubling the funds raised.
SERVICES OFFERED by Michael Scholz

Entertainment Options & Rates

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