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Alex van den Heever - Wildlife expert
South Africa
Alex is a down-to-earth and passionate man, who through his love of the bush and the deep bond that formed between him and his tracker Renias, has learnt the true meaning of the po....
Craig Ferreira - Author
South Africa - Cape Town
Craig Ferreira, is a leading authority on the behavior of the Great White Shark, is an international inspirational speaker, a bestselling author and a trans-ocean sailor. He lov....
Ian Thomas - Author
South Africa - Johannesburg
Ian’s presentations include subjects such as Teamwork, Strategy, and Adapting to Change. During his time as a guide he discovered that he had a talent for teaching and story ....
Kevin Richardson - Conservationist
South Africa - Pretoria
After graduating with a BSc in Anatomy and Physiology, Kevin began his career in postoperative rehabilitation. He made a dramatic career switch when he was given an opportunity ....
Quinton Coetzee - Inspiration
South Africa - White River
Guest Speaker QUINTON COETZEE is a Global Speaker who's name appears in the “Hall of Fame” of the PSASA. Originator of the acclaimed business presentations: ....
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