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Feedback on conference and guest speakers


BARRIE BRAMLEY - Speaker/Facilitator I thought I’d let you know just how thoroughly everyone enjoyed Barrie’s address on Friday. He is an excellent speaker – flawless in his delivery – and everyone was abuzz with praise and enthusiasm afterwards. There were a good number of light bulb moments ……..A really interesting subject … humorously delivered. We loved him.
MAKHENI MOTANA - Speaker/Facilitator/Trainer You speaker was awesome! Everyone loved her - even us (which is hard). She managed to execute on the rather basic brief I gave her excellently. Also, thanks to you. You've been awesome at making sure this whole thing came together. Couldn't have done it without you!
JUSTIN COHEN - Speaker/Facilitator 'Your phenomenal presentation exceeded our greatest expectations and clearly those of the delegates. Yours were the highest ratings.'
Danél Bosman, Event Manager - SIYABONGA SEMINARS
JUSTIN COHEN - MC You are without a doubt the best Master of Ceremonies I have seen in action anywhere in my life. Your research done on the background and history of our company and attention to the detail of the specific function is highly commendable. You ‘acted’ as if you were part of RealNet Holdings for many years.
Tjaart van der Walt, CEO - REALNET HOLDINGS
JUSTIN COHEN - MC It was the best award ceremony I have ever been to! Justin researched each of the nominees making it personal and very funny!
Charles Fairweather, CEO - DAWN WING COURIERS
JUSTIN COHEN - Speaker/Facilitator After Justin came to speak, turnover has doubled. It’s 54% above last year!
Tanya Peche, Sales Manager - EDCON
WAYNE DERMAN (PROF) - Professor of Sports Medicine/Speaker Wayne’s presentation was outstanding and scored one the second highest of all the presentations we’ve seen. His talk was not only entertaining, but also had a lot of take home value, and was well presented. It was also interesting to hear a medical doctor discuss the topic of alternative medicine.
Richard van Rensburg - YPO
WOLFGANG RIEBE - Corporate Magician/Speaker/Entertrainer/MC Wolfgang's performance was excellent and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a super way to end the conference and to de-stress all of us. Laughter is still the best medicine. I even received a hearty Thank You and a handshake from top management as an expression of the enjoyable time they had. We will definitely consider Wolfgang for future events, and I will highly recommend him to our other regions and divisions.”
VICTOR VERMEULEN - Speaker Your contribution here was immeasurable. You touched so many lives. In my professional life as a community doctor, I get to know most things about most people, and sitting next to you on Thursday evening I was able to look at the expressions of the extremely focused audience. They were spellbound and drank up every word, but occasionally I could pick up a reaction or an expression on someone’s face, and I knew that you had really reached them. Vic, your presentation and delivery style was mind-blowing – no one I have ever heard speak before has come close to your expertise.
Dr Adrian Cole - STUTTERHEIM
VICTOR VERMEULEN - Speaker I'll end in quoting what Andy Baker our MD said to us after Vic had departed: " I have been to hundreds of motivational speakers and can quite truthfully say that I think Victor Vermeulen was by far the very best and most POWERFUL speaker I have ever had the privilege of listening to"! This was followed by loud applause and agreement by all 100 people in the room!
Lorraine Robbins - DHL
PATRICIA GLYN - Keynote Speaker/Journalist/Adventurer “If the man next to you closes his eyes during Patricia’s talk, call 911 because only the dead could nod off through such a vibrantly told journey of intellect and the senses. You will laugh and cry, become outraged and feel the pangs of guilt of our species, and smile at this most honest self-portrait by one of those strong women that this continent is so good at breeding. Patricia is a story-teller to rival van der Post and David Rattray in her genre.”
Derek & Beverly Joubert - FILMMAKERS & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORERS in residence.
PATRICIA GLYN - Keynote Speaker/Journalist/Adventurer “I have heard many speakers in different parts of the world but Patricia Glyn’s talk about following her ancestors’ trail is without doubt one of the best I have ever heard.”
PATRICIA GLYN - Keynote Speaker/Journalist/Adventurer “Patricia Glyn does madcap things like walk from Durban to Vic Falls for one good reason – so we don’t have to. All we have to do is sit back and relive her adventures, as she recounts the most thrilling, amusing, heart-warming, emotional, tragic and bizarre stories of the trip. She is a story-teller without peer.”
David O’Sullivan - BROADCASTER, 702 TALK RADIO
MICHAEL MOL What can I say... Michael was fantastic. He was an absolute delight to have as our "celeb" for the morning. The response from our Company was overwhelming and the message 100% spot on. He opened a lot of eyes and ears to new learnings and as it changed my way of thinking, so too did it have the desired effect on the audience. We loved Michael Mol and I would recommend him as one of the best speakers ever.
Sue Clark - National Marketing Manager, Private Property Holdings
ANDRE WATSON - International Rugby Referee, Speaker Andre succeeded wonderfully in holding a very cosmopolitan audience spellbound throughout his talk. His humor appealed to all, whilst at the same time portrayed very important life lessons. A great man, a great speaker. Thank you also for the very professional and friendly manner in which you assisted me to secure Andre’s services.
Piet van Niekerk - WALVIS BAY CC
GUEST SPEAKER I have had the pleasure of working together with Guest Speaker for the last 4 years and have always found them to be highly professional and helpful in all my dealings with their company and would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Trudie Almond - Turner & Townsend
GUEST SPEAKER Nick Christelis was absolutely awesome, amazing and spot on with his message. If ever there was a home run hit out of the park, Nick was it !!! Thanks again for the important and efficient role that Guest Speaker played and will definitely utilize you again.
Carol Burns-Thomson – McCarthy Fleet Services
GUEST SPEAKER Thank you, Guest Speaker for giving us the opportunity to meet someone like Justin Cohen. I wish to request you kindly please forward a huge thank you onto him, for making this event an awesome success. This would not have been possible, without his valued contribution. I will ensure that we make use of your company again for our next event.
Natashja Smit - PA to GM, Morula Casino & Hotel
GUEST SPEAKER Guest Speaker - your service, advise, professional and friendly manner together with the exceptional presentations are superb. We will continue to always use and recommend you for speakers. Thanks so much!
Lawrence Reiter - SACRA
GUEST SPEAKER Having dealt with Guest Speaker on a few occasions, your service is professional and outstanding. Your staff are friendly and very efficient. I would highly recommend Guest Speaker to anyone in need of this service. Regards.
Hayley Gething - Yokohama Southern Africa
ANDRE WATSON Andre succeeded wonderfully in holding a very cosmopolitan audience spellbound throughout his talk. His humor appealed to all, whilst at the same time portrayed very important life lessons. A great man, a great speaker.
Piet van Niekerk - Walvis Bay CC
GUEST SPEAKER Thank you also for the very professional and friendly manner in which you assisted me to secure Andre’s services.
Piet van Niekerk - Walvis Bay CC
GUEST SPEAKER Trish thank you so much for all of your assistance with this last minute booking, and for always being available and following up so promptly on all my requests.
Sue Bursey - Key Event Management
GUEST SPEAKER Putting together an event can be quite a daunting task, especially finding suitable entertainment, but with the professional services of the Guest Speaker Team, this has made my job a lot easier. Being abIe to give you a brief and have you do the rest is a great help. Your team have kept me informed of developments and have always operated in a very professional manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.
Michelle Ramsay - SAICA, Eastern Region
I think of all the companies that deal with Guest Speaker, we must be the hardest to please - we know what we want, and what we don't; therefore, our speaker requirements are exacting, and the process of selection rigorous. The Guest Speaker girls cope admirably.
Chris Fitz-Gerald - Illovo Sugar Limited
GUEST SPEAKER Dealing with Marika, Trish or Beryldene from Guest Speaker is an absolute pleasure. The team epitomises everything we speakers try to teach. They are passionate, responsive and positive even in the most challenging circumstances. You will always get a pre-event call and a post-event follow-up. Guest Speaker doesnt just do the booking they keep speaker and client in the loop from beginning to end. It is common for clients they have booked me with to tell me how much they love dealing with Guest Speaker.
Justin Cohen -Professional Speaker, Trainer, MC, Authour
GUEST SPEAKER - Dealing with Marika from Guest Speaker is an absolute pleasure. She is professional, committed and went the extra mile to secure the ideal guest speaker for our client’s conference.
Marinda Meiring - Talk2Us
GUEST SPEAKER I would just like to say 'Thank you' for everything, you were really great. I have never used a guest speaker for a function before and needless to say I was a little apprehensive. Well I didnt need to be as you guys made me feel so comfortable that everything was being done and taken care of - a contract telling the guest speaker everything, phoning myself and the guest speaker to confirm everything and make sure all on track etc.
Vanessa Davidson - Ninzi Connect
MICHAEL MOL & GUEST SPEAKER We at Emperors Palace would appreciate you passing on our thanks to Michael. I have had the most tremendous feedback from guests who thoroughly enjoyed the day and Michael’s presentation on “Mind the Gap” was insightful and interesting and obviously as a professional very well presented. It was pleasing to hear from many of our guests that Michael had held their attention as well as absorbed the content of his presentation. It was even more so exceptional that Michael took the time to chat, dance and connect with the audience. Well done Michael! - you captivated the audience and certainly had and held their attention. Thank you for charming us with your amazing personality. Once again it has been great dealing with Guest Speaker and we are looking forward to our next event.
Lee Bezhuidenhout - Duty manager, Emperors Palace
JUSTIN COHEN It was my great honour and pleasure to have been part of the Great Service Awards on Wednesday 22’nd October. I had a vague idea of what these awards entail, however I did not fully grasp how much it would impact me. The theme of storytelling to convey our values of Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Pushing beyond were brought across with such flair and skill by the MC Justin Cohen. Then to hear the real life stories of my colleagues really blew me away. It gave me a sense of pride and made me feel a deeper sense of loyalty. There were times when I was genuinely chocked up and I don’t consider myself to be a particularly sensitive type of guy. The Great Service Awards team were exceptional and facilitated the proceedings with skill and care. The choice of MC was critical and I do believe that there was no better person than Justin Cohen on the day. I would like to recommend that these awards be given more profile internally as well as externally as I believe that it is what will power us to make things happen in our future. Many heartfelt thanks.
Richard Williams - Nedgroup Investments (MIS)
MICHAEL JACKSON Michael made the effort to understand our industry and when he spoke he made everyone in the audience feel like he was speaking to them directly. Anyone in business in this millennium should add listening to Michael to the bucket list.
Wayne Stewart - SANA
DEBORA PATTA Having Debora Patta speak at our Women’s Day function was definitely the highlight of the day. The feedback from our guests was over-whelming, citing an entertaining, inspirational and engaging experience. Debora’s ability to relate the challenges and rewards of being a woman and ‘doing it all’ was invaluable. I think all of our guests will reflect upon her words of encouragement and structured approach to reaching your goals. Her talk was an inspiring example of reliance on each other as partners, to train, trust and work together and sharing both wisdom and strength to create success.
Bianca Church - Century City
BRAAM MALHERBE Hi Braam - As discussed, I wanted to commend you on your recent presentation at the annual Sun Partner Executive Summit. In my field, I have personally been exposed to a large number of "motivational / guest speakers" at events and conferences, and your message, both delivery and its content, way surpassed anything I have ever seen. I believe the most important element was that you close by showing the results of your efforts, the smiles on those children's faces. What a priceless experience, and you share it with an audience in the most professional and engaging manner. I received exceptionally positive feedback from my delegates and management, and think its the first time in my career I have seen a motivational speaker literally bring an audience of predominently men to tears. I look forward to hosting you again at some of my events, and would gladly be a reference for any future prospects.
Claire Alexander, Regional Marketing Manager - Sun Microsystems
GARY BAILEY We found Gary Bailey to be very professional and very approachable. We never had to worry about the speaker being late. It seemed to make the delegates realise the importance of their participation in 2010.
Liza Monteiro - The Conference Company
GCINA MHLOPHE BECKER Many thanks for all the arrangements you made – everything went very well on Saturday and Gcina was a HUGE hit. She is fantastic, we all loved her and the children went wild when they heard she was there! Gcina ran a fantastic session, really related so well to the audience – was spot on – and gave everyone a good take home message. I will certainly remember the message she presented and it will stay with me forever. I trust that she too touched the children and they will remember her wise words.
Wendy Heard, Project Manager - The Zenex Foundation
A big thank you to both you and Beryldene for your assistance this year. It is always wonderful working with other professionals, who are just as dedicated in finding the "right" people for our conferences and for being so helpful in all circumstances. In today's world I have found it hard to find excellent customer service, but Guest Speaker has never let me down. Thank you for everything and I look forward to dealing with you both in the future.
Vivienne Hawkins-Dady, PA to Engineering Director - Conlog
ANDRE WATSON The Captain filled in the feedback form and gave 9=excellent for everything! Andre was spectacular, he came across as friendly, well organised and knew exactly what he was talking about! All the members that attended the Captains Dinner said he was the best speaker we have ever had at a Captains dinner and we look forward to having him back again!
Sandy Burnard, General Manager - Kloof Country Club
DANIEL SILKE What an amazing morning we had with Daniel! He is such a wonderful person and so easy to get along with. His presentation was absolutely professional , exciting, amusing and so informative. Our members who attend this morning were extremely impressed. Thank you for all your assistance with his booking.
Marguerite McGrath - IIG Secretary / Events Co-ordinator
PETER VAN KETS Thank you once again for joining us at our Leadership Conference. It was a huge success and extremely powerful in many ways. The 180 young leaders loved your talk a great deal. We would like to have you back again next year please Peter. Your talk was incredibly inspiring and was perfect for our Leadership Conference. I would highly recommend you to any school or organization.
Keith Fairweather - Deputy Headmaster, St Alban's College
JUSTIN COHEN Justin’s presentation was the perfect kick off to the year. I’ve had people constantly coming up to me telling me how great it was. I don’t know how Justin knew so much about our company but he spoke to just about every one of our core issues.
Regional conference organizer - Virgin Active - Kwazulu Natal
STEUART PENNINGTON Steuart gave 12 talks to our clients as part of our national annual road-show. His presentations inspired all who attended. It was truly and uplifting and mind shifting experience and an honour to listen to him. Korbitec will certainly look for opportunities to engage with him in the future. Thanks for what you have done for our industry Steuart and for what you are continue in doing for our country. We can once again appreciate our beautiful country and cherish the endless opportunities that lies within the boundaries of it.
Mari van Wyk - Korbitek
ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK Arthur is a true professional who never disappoints. He is able to extract excellent insights from his vast body of research and deep understanding of this environment to be able to aid firms in identifying strategic gaps and opportunities.
Herman Singh - STANDARD BANK
PETER VAN KETS What a truly remarkable and inspirational person Peter van Kets is - we thoroughly enjoyed his presentation! Our leadership really enjoyed his enthusiastic, thought-provoking discussion. More importantly, however, is the fact that everyone was still talking about his courage and tenacity the following day. We've had many guest speakers in the past, but the group agreed he is one of the very best!"
Mardia van der Walt Korsten - Managing Director, T-Systems South Africa (Pty)Ltd
SHAUN TOMSON "While I am not a surfer, I found Shaun's explanation of his 'Surfer's Code', imparted lessons that applied to life far beyond the sport. Shaun Tomson is an eloquent, thought-provoking, and entertaining speaker, and our office greatly enjoyed his talk."
Google - Santa Monica
SHAUN TOMSON “Listening to a former world champion speak is always interesting, but listening to one speak with humility, honesty and obvious passion is nothing less than a privilege. Shaun Tomson can engage people at all levels, sharing profound messages through simple stories, and his love for the sea is infectious. He is fascinating, funny and so down to earth… quite an inspiration.” Research
Dr Mark Penning - CEO, South African Association for Marine Biological
PETER VAN KETS Peter, you were absolutely awesome! I have been doing these monthly breakfasts for 5 years now and you are only the second speaker out of over 60 to get a standing ovation. The way you present and come across is phenomenal. You were so inspirational. I watched the people, they were hanging on your every word. People were telling me they could have listened to you for another hour. Well done and thank you for helping to make a difference in people’s lives. You certainly made a difference in the lives of the 120 people attending the breakfast.
Kevin Chaplin - MD, Ubuntu & Amy Biehl Foundations
ALEC HOGG Alec was an absolute pleasure to deal with. So charming and easy to get along with. He was professional in all his dealings and feedback from my side, was that he was by far the best speaker of the morning, from presentation to manner! Thank you once again for providing an excellent service.
Marguerite McGrath - Secretary / Events Co-ordinator, Insurance Institute Gauteng (IIG)
PATRICIA GLYNN - (on presentation "Dawid Kruipers Return") The presentation is world class and deserves the global recognition it is sure to receive.
Alec Hogg - CEO, Moneyweb Holdings
PATRICIA GLYNN - (on presentation "Dawid Kruipers Return") Patricia was just simply sensational. What a lovely down to earth woman. Her presentation was so awesome that she stunned her audience into complete silence when it came to Q&A session, and many people had tears in their eyes and a huge lump in their throats. Her passion for what she does and believes in is totally apparent in her total being! LOVED HER!!!!!!!! Thank you for yet again assisting the IIG.
Marguerite McGrath - IIG

“On behalf of all Club 100 members and guests I’d like to say a huge, appreciative thankyou for inspiring everyone with your wonderful talk. Your life experiences, your humour and your philosophy kept us entertained in a most enjoyable fashion. What an inspiration for us lesser mortals who tend to sit back and let life go by instead of making the most of every opportunity to explore and enjoy all the amazing happenings right on our doorsteps. You gave us memorable insight into what is actually going on in this wonderful country that we are lucky to live in – and maybe don’t appreciate as much as we should. I personally enjoyed listening to someone who has so much get-up-and-go and has the will to take on and tackle what others would perceive as insurmountable problems”.
Jane Pryce - Club 100, Port Alfred

Steuart gave 12 talks to our clients as part of our national annual road-show. His presentations inspired all who attended. It was truly an uplifting and mind shifting experience, and an honour to listen to him. Korbitec will certainly look for opportunities to engage with him in the future. Thanks for what you have done for our industry Steuart, and for what you are continue in doing for our country. We can once again appreciate our beautiful country and cherish the endless opportunities that lies within the boundaries of it.
Mari van Wyk - Korbitek
KOBUS WIESE - As I believe there is no such thing as perfect and that there is always room for improvement, I can only give you and Kobus an 8 for each of the categories.  Kobus was excellent.  He was prepared, presented his topic well and had the audience eating out of his hand.  I have received numerous reports from attendees and they are all overwhelmingly positive.  Absolutely no negative comment was received.
Marius Jonker - CEO, ADRA
NICK MALLETT - I am writing specifically to thank you for sourcing Nick Mallet for our event(s). Not only was the client blown away but we found him a great pleasure to work with. We had the client's staff and senior management coming up to us to tell us how amazing it was to get the opportunity to see him live in action; I could not agree more as I myself found his speech very intriguing. I found him very humble and very much approachable, a quality not many people of his stature and rank possess. He humbled me and now I have even more respect for him and his genius work. I cannot emphasize how grateful we are to Nick and Guest Speaker and that we look forward to the remaining shows and those to come in the near future.
Evert Malijani - Urban Soul Communications
MANDY WEINER - It’s with great pleasure that I submit a reference letter for Mandy Wiener who spoke at my recent Business Networking Forum. Mandy spoke about her book ‘Killing Kebble’, and had the entire audience enthralled and glued to their seats for the duration of the morning. Mandy is professional, articulate, entertaining and incredibly interesting, and with her as the guest speaker we had one of the highest attendance rates of these forums. She delivered a stunning talk, and I hope to have her back at one of our events in the near future.
Bianca Church - Brand and Marketing Manager, Century City.
STEFAN TERBLANCHE - I would just like to thank you and your team for securing Stefan Terblanche for our event.  Stefan was quite simply FANTASTIC!!!
Dexter Worsley - Director, Three Bean Productions
PETER VAN KETS - Without our speakers, our annual customer conference and golf day would not be the huge success that it is today.   Having a guest speaker such as yourself, is motivational and gives the delegates a break from commodities.  The feedback that I have had is nothing short of ‘fantastic’! Your participation in this event was sincerely appreciated.
Gail Cummings - CEO/EVP, Seaboard Overseas Limited
SONJA KRUSE - The audience enjoyed her very much and expressed their admiration for her braveness. I’ve also sensed that she might have awakened some peoples sense for adventure. Also, she gave us food for thought by reminding us to look at our own fears and perceptions of our country and its people.
Colleen Janse van Rensburg - Airports Company
HUGH BLADEN - WOW, I thought Hugh was awesome. He was down to earth funny and polite. I found his speech entertaining and insightful. It’s always good to hear or see how human our rugby stars actually are. The guys loved him and he engaged them after the speech talking about tactics etc. Overall I say 5 Star.
Darren Black - Business Development Manager, ACS
GRAEME SMITH - Thanks for arranging the talk that Graeme gave my team. Sport has a strange way of stirring emotions like nothing else, specially when the audience knows a bit about the person and the game itself. Graeme was genuine, sincere and very easy to relate to. His track record and achievements are well known to us and so his intent and commitment to the cause was easy to understand and digest. He spoke in simple terms and didn’t try to complexify his delivery. He was very down to earth and in fact too modest we thought. His use of audio visual aids was just right and there was a very special video on Protea fire which set the house on fire. We could feel his intensity with him standing there watching the video with us. During his lunch with us he was very friendly and approachable. He is a clear speaker and very intense which goes very well with my intentions. His life and times is a symbol of grit which was the reason I wanted him to see my team.
Mr Ramesh - President and Regional Head - South and East Africa, Olam International
JUSTIN COHEN - Justin is the best guest speaker we have ever used. Excellent presentation, and I will be using him again in the future. Excellent presentation and I will be using him again in the future.
Chris Bentley - CEO, Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Course
JUSTICE MALALA - Please extend to Justice, our sincere appreciation and thanks for a fantastic presentation.  He wowed our HS Network members and they were truly appreciative of his contribution to our conference. Without so much as a murmur, Justice signed all 50 books, which were gratefully received as speaker gifts and delegate gifts. A true gentleman and scholar, it was an honour to meet him.
Michael Westcott - Chairman, HSN
BRAAM MALHERBE - Please relay our great appreciation to Braam. Everyone was still raving about his presentation yesterday evening. Thank you that he relayed back to our presentations and made it relevant to our conference. Huge hit! And well received by our guests and management team.
Magdel le Grange - Business Analyst, MTU South Africa (Pty) Ltd
JUSTIN COHEN - Many thanks Justin was excellent got very good feedback from Gail and all the staff members. He covered the topic very well made it interesting and brought humour to the subject matter. We can recommend him to any of your future conferences.
Michael High - Seaboard Shipping
FANIE DE VILLIERS - Fanie was AMAZING! His talk was excellent and he had the entire audience captivated.  He had a huge impact on their audience and has changed many lives with his talk by giving them so much food for thought.
Christie Dedekind - Africa Bodies Pty Ltd
TONY LEON - Can you please pass on my sincere thanks to Mr. Leon for the wonderful speech he gave to open our Joint Meeting in Cape Town.  It really set the tone for the meeting; everyone thought it provided them with a real insight into the challenges and opportunities that are faced by South Africa.  I noted that after Mr. Leon’s speech, there were several speakers – including myself – who subsequently used the word ‘resilience’ that Mr. Leon had used to describe one of the characteristics of the peoples of South Africa.
Mark Loveitt - President,IWCC
HEIN WAGNER - Good morning Hein. I hope you had a safe journey back! I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday.  We had so much positive feedback.  You were definitely the highlight of our meeting. 
You mentioned that you decided to take your 1 in 80 000 disability and treat it as something special.  Hein, you ARE special.  You have touched our hearts with your courage and your determination and your absolute wonderful attitude to life. You might blind, but you see more clearly than anybody I have ever met.  Your family and friends are blessed to have you as a part of their life’s. I hope that you will have a wonderfully blessed life and I hope that I will have the privilege to work with you again. Thank you again!! Warm regards
Nelmarie Pohlmann - Retail Operations Assistant/PA to Craig Records, SPAR North Rand
CRAIG WILKINSON - I wanted to send a quick message of thanks for a really good talk. Some of the StatComs are still talking about it, and I believe it really made a big impact. Your message is real, it is needed and it is making a difference in the lives of many people.
Well done, and thanks again. Kind regards, 
Brett Ayres - Operations Manager, National Sea Rescue Institute of SA.
DUANE ROCKWELL - Duane was fantastic!!  He was organized and an excellent MC. My guests were laughing at him so much with his little jokes and sense of humour. He also read the crowd well and knew exactly what music to play. He checked in with me all the time regarding announcements that need to be made and the schedule changes which I appreciated very much as I was often busy chatting to all the guests. I would definitely use him again and use your service as your company is a wonderful and efficient company to deal with!
Please extend a great big thank you to him!
Zeena Rossouw - Compliance Manager, ARUZE GAMING Africa
CRAIG JOUBERT - Hi Marika. We just wanted to say thanks for all your help over the last couple of months. It was a pleasure working with you and Craig on the Academy this year. It makes such a difference huge difference working with people like you. We really hope we can work together in the future and good luck with your future projects. 
The Playmakers and Powerade Team
DESHUN DEYSEL: I just wanted to say Thank you to you and your team for your hard work in assisting us with the booking Deshun Deysel. She was absolutely incredible. She captured that audience whether high altitude climbing was of interest or not and there were even some tears in the crowd. She was humorous at the right moments and very entertaining. She arrived feeling a bit ill, but not a soul other than myself in the room knew that as she handled herself so professionally. We all walked away feeling inspired, educated and entertained which is exactly what I was hoping for. I would highly recommend her to anyone of your clients. From one of the ladies who has attended our event every year since conception..."The venue was wonderful and very comfortable (being less crowded!), the food was delicious and Deshun Deysel was probably one of the most inspiring speakers I have heard in a long time. I had heard her speak some years ago and was really looking forward to hearing her again. I was definitely not disappointed."
Tatum Sieni - Brand and Marketing Manager, Century City Property Owners' Association
JUSTICE MALALA - Justice Malala was an exceptional speaker who was both well poised and knowledgeable on the subject matter discussed. His presentation was informative and he kept the audience intrigued and interested throughout the discussion. This was also evident from the eager participation from the crowd during the question and answer session after the presentation; Justice engaged with our guests and demonstrated his vast experience and solid knowledge of the subject matter in the answers and opinions he provided. In general, the discussion was insightful, Justice was confident and well-received by our function.
Stian Burger - Glencore Operations South Africa (Pty) Ltd